Council members take a look back, make resolutions for 2013


With 2013 upon us, City Council members are taking a look back at 2012 but are also looking forward to the upcoming year so they can better not only themselves, but also the city of Warwick.

From losing weight and staying healthy, to spending more time with family, they each said they are interested in a new tomorrow.

Ward 8 Councilman-elect Joseph Gallucci said he can’t wait to “see what direction my life is going to take in the next few years, meaning personally and politically. I want to do the best I can for the people I’ll be representing in the ward, and certainly the citizens throughout the city.”

Ward 5 Councilman-elect Ed Ladouceur feels the same, and pleasantly anticipates his time on the council. He said he plans to do everything he discussed with people when he was campaigning to make Warwick a better place than it already is. One of his best moments of 2012 was getting elected.

“It was a very exciting time for me, and everyone that was involved in my campaign,” he said.

In the future, he intends to “keep off the 16 pounds I lost when I was campaigning. For all my family and friends, I wish the best of health, first and foremost. You seem to hear that there are so many people with illnesses, and it’s really unfortunate. The best New Year’s resolution you can offer to anyone is to wish them health and happiness for the years ahead.”

Similarly, Ward 6 Councilwoman Donna Travis is pleased of her re-election. She has served on the council for 18 years, and when she finishes the term, she will have 20 years of public service under her belt.

“It was a nice landmark for me,” she said of getting re-elected. “That was a big accomplishment.” She added of her New Year’s resolutions, “I’m just trying to stay healthy and get a little more exercise in. That’s one of my goals.”

Ward 2 Councilman-elect Tom Chadronet has the same idea.

“Lose weight: that’s my resolution,” he said.

Ward 7 Councilman Charles “C.J.” Donovan is on the same page, as he recently joined a gym. Other than that, he is looking forward to “working with all members of the City Council for the betterment of the residents of the city of Warwick.”

Ward 9 Councilman Steven Merolla shared his sentiments.

“Hopefully, the new council can work together and move the city forward and examine a lot of the issues that are of serious concern,” Merolla said. “You wish the best for your family, too.”

For Ward 4 Councilman Joseph Solomon, he plans to “try and continue to be cool, calm and collected with approaching my personal, my business, and my public life. And I’m hoping that everyone has a happy and healthy New Year.”

Ward 3 Councilwoman Camille Vella-Wilkinson said she plans to overlap her personal and professional life in the coming year. She would like to focus on fully integrating all her informational technology, including her tablet, iPhone, laptop and PC, into a digital platform for “greater efficiency at work, home and in the community.”

Additionally, she would like to take continuing education units in public administration related to municipal planning and economic development, and intends to develop a creative outlet for herself.

Ward 1 Councilman Steven Colantuono also said his resolution is similar to resolutions of past years: to try to spend as much time as possible with his family, as well as doing everything he can to support his community.

Looking back on 2012, he said the recent events in Newtown, Conn. have encouraged him to try to make a more concerted effort to promote more civility with interactions with other people.

“I think that some of the things that I’ve thought about and heard since those events made me re-examine my priorities,” he said. “Be sure you have your kids as your top priority is the lesson I’ve taken from it.”

As a father of five, Colantuono said a YouTube video of Winthrop University Basketball coach Pat Kelsey really hit home. Kelsey said that everyone is responsible for creating a solution to the troubles of the world, noting that it’s not a political issue, a mental illness problem, or even a gun law issue.

“What he said stuck true with me,” Colantuono said. “He said we’re off-track, and we’ve got to get back on track with our kids, ourselves and our priorities. If that doesn’t touch you, I don’t know what does.”

Other than continuing his work with council members old and new, as well as the administration, Colantuono is pleased with the results of the past year for a particular reason: the adoption of 4-year-old Niveyah.

“It is the proudest moment for our family,” he said of his four other children and wife, Maya. “It’s really changed the way we look at stuff.”


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