Council stays $85M bond until Jan. 30

Solomon demands information on financial impact


On Monday evening the Warwick City Council stayed a vote on a resolution forwarded by Mayor Scott Avedisian, sponsored by Ward 8 councilman Joseph Gallucci, on behalf of the Warwick School Department to approve plans for an $85 million bond to repair the direst needs of schools throughout the city.

The council will reconvene for another special meeting on Jan. 30 at 6:00 p.m. to make a final decision on whether or not to move the bond forward.

Council president Joseph Solomon declared it would be impossible for the council to vote on the measure in good faith, as bond counsel for the city Karen Grande was not available and no one else from the city administration was present or prepared to answer questions pertaining to the total realized cost of the bonds for taxpayers, and there was no document outlining more information about the bond attached to the resolution, despite the resolution stating:

“Be it further resolved, the City Solicitor, working with Bond Counsel for the City of Warwick, ensure that the appropriate legislation in substantially the form attached hereto is submitted in a timely manner to the Rhode Island General Assembly to ensure that all requirements are met to ensure consideration of this question by the electors.”

“How are we to act on a legislation without answers to what the legislation refers to as being attached – there’s nothing attached to my document,” Solomon said.

Frustrations mounted all evening during the course of the three-hour meeting, as the school department reiterated points about the city’s many schools that are in desperate need of crucial repairs. The $85 million would comprise $31,574,199 towards the secondary schools (including the current and future Career and Tech Centers) and the remainder going to all 13 elementary schools and one Pre-K facility. Bond funds would not go toward either Wickes or Randall Holden Schools that are slated to close this year.

The repairs included within the scope of the bond include top priority items such as roof replacements, interior and exterior structural repairs, plumbing, ADA improvements, HVAC system replacements and asbestos abatements.

“We have to take care of ADA, we have to take care of fire alarms, we have to take care of roofs and take the water out, we have to put the heating in,” said school finance director Anthony Ferrucci. “So what we have presented to you are actually all priority one items.”

To drive home the point of the bond, Superintendent Philip Thornton brought in various parts of malfunctioning systems from schools throughout the district, some of which are 50 years old despite having a life expectancy of only 30 years, and displayed them for the members of the council.

“We are at a crossroads with regard to our schools,” Thornton said. “We do need to take action. To not do so will only compound the problems we have in the coming years.”

However certain members of the council made their wariness and unfavorable opinion of the bond clear, as they had expressed in previous meetings as well.

“When I hear and when I see parts, I think repair, I don’t think capital improvement,” said Ward 9 councilman Steve Merolla. “I just don’t know that a Band-Aid approach and replacing an AC, or whatever – even though we need it, and things need to be done – in the big picture is the direction that the community needs and is going to generate an enthusiasm for education in Warwick.”

Others, like Ward 5 councilman Ed Ladouceur, have been vocal about their preference towards taking the favorable reimbursement rates being offered by the state – currently at about 40 percent, with the ability to go up to 50 percent should a state bond referendum be passed by voters in November – and using the opportunity to build a new school to reinvigorate the community and generate renewed enthusiasm.

“There’s a reason for the exodus and a reason people are not coming back into the city,” Ladouceur said. “We need to stop sending good money after bad…Some of these schools are beyond repair, and they need to be torn down. So why don’t we just face the facts and admit what the reality is?”

“If we as a community, if we want people to come back here and we want people to stay here, we need to rejuvenate our reputation for a community that has an outstanding educational system,” he continued.

Ferrucci argued that focusing efforts on building new would simply prolong the major issues at a majority of the schools, and that the bond as requested will do the most good for the most students for a long enough period of time to further address the state of disrepair in the district.

“We believe we have done our due diligence,” Ferrucci said. “We believe $85 million to fix all 20 schools while servicing 8,853 students and 1,480,000 square feet of space is the most effective, fiscally efficient proposal that we think will last this community decades.”

Solomon suggested going out for half of the proposed bond now, and doing another half two years later, arguing that “There’s no reason to hit the credit card for the full amount today.”

Ferrucci replied that such a situation would put the schools and school department into an unfair situation.

“If you cut it in half, you have to end up determining who gets something and who does not,” he said.

The Jan. 30 continuance of the meeting will be the ultimate deciding factor towards whether or not major school repairs can be accomplished within the next year, as the bond would have to be put on a referendum for Warwick voters to approve or deny.

The school department must submit its Stage 2 application to the Rhode Island Department of Education – with city council approval – by Feb. 1 if it is to make this year’s deadline for state funding reimbursement, and for it to be placed on the ballot for voters during this year’s election.

Thornton addressed criticism of the bond by the council and why he believed the bond is the best course of action for the city during an interview on Tuesday.

“I think some councilors were saying if we had done preventative maintenance all along we wouldn’t be here in 2018. I would say that's a faulty argument,” Thornton said. “We're talking about systems that are 50 years old in some cases that are long past they’re useful quality of life. Preventative maintenance is certainly part of what we need to do, however it cannot take the place of replacing outdated systems when they need replaced.

“I think we've had many meetings on these topics over the year and I think we have a clear direction,” he continued. “That's what we're committed to doing at this point.”


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Before Warwick taxpayers give the School Committee (SC) MORE money, shouldn't they learn what the SC did with over one-and-a-half BILLION DOLLARS of taxpayers money just since 2009?? I say "Don't give them another dime", until they do.

Happy Valentines everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, January 25, 2018

School budget documents are published online so taxpayers can "learn what the SC did" with the money provided by the city:

- "I say 'Don't give them another dime', until they do."

The city council just gave the school committee $3 million they set aside to pay for the teachers' contract, proving this to be another delusional and unrealistic statement by the fake "mayor."

Happy 284 days until honest, taxpaying voters again decisively reject his candidacy.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Dear CrickeeRaven,

Thank you for being so knowledgeable and helpful. You know so much that I almost think you are (or recently were) a School Committee (SC) member. I decided to take you up on your offer and learn on-line just what the clear picture of the SC budget was. Thanks so much.


I am still a little confused. Do you want me to analyze one of the 6 budgets from 2017, or one of the 8 budgets from 2018. Should I be reading the APPROVED ORIGINAL or the REVISED ORIGINAL, or the ADOPTED, or the REVISED ADOPTED, or the ADOPTED RECOMMENDED, or the TENATIVE AGREEMENT, or the ADOPTED REVISED BUDGET? Those headings are all listed at the address you gave me for the year 2018 and we are only 3 weeks in!!!

I checked with a couple of City Council people and they say that every time the SC gives them a snapshot of your books it somehow is very different from the previous one. Maybe they are misunderstanding too.

Please help me CrickeeRaven. You're so smart and unbiased and fair to the 80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab.

Thank you again on behalf of us all.

Happy Valentines CriskeeRaven.

Happy Valentines everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, January 26, 2018

- "I am still a little confused."

He seems to believe that voters are too ignorant to do their own research, and so gullible that they will believe his repeated false statements. Thus, he is clearly confused about how intelligent voters are.

His ignorance about the various published updates to the school budget and conspiracy theories about other commenters' identities are problems of his own making, proving that he is likewise confused about taking responsibility for his own disproven statements.

- "[W]e are only 3 weeks in!!!"

The budget documents pertain to the 2018 fiscal year, which began July 1, 2017, not the calendar year, yet further proof of his confusion over basic, fundamental facts about the school budget.

- "Please help me.."

Tens of thousands of honest, taxpaying voters will help the fake "mayor" understand that his delusional conspiracy theories and lack of truth disqualify him from being considered a serious candidate for any office.

Happy 283 days until the fake "mayor" and his misinformation campaign are defeated.

Friday, January 26, 2018

I don't care how we got here, or who is responsible.

The fact of the matter is the schools are - reportedly - in horrible condition due to deckades of neglect. I've only lived in the city since 2011 (so I've bucked the "trend" by moving in not out) and one of the reasons I chose Warwick was for the school system. I could have gotten a lot more house in Edgewood for my money but then my kids would go to eastern Cranston schools, no thanks.

So I don't care who didn't do their job in the 80's, 90s', or the entirety of this centry and "deffered maintence" for fiscal/political reasons. What I do care about is that the schools need fixing. Put the bond to the people and let us decide. I will be voting for the bond.

Friday, January 26, 2018

We finally have the funds to make the improvements and you want to halt it? How long would it take for that brand new school to be built and open? Will your "renewed enthusiasm" in Warwick Education somehow provide the necessary repairs to schools that are literally falling apart before our eyes? I throw my hands up in the air because no one in this city can get their act together and make decisions without creating further chaos. Stop posturing, politicking and pandering.

Richard, are you calling for an Independent Audit so you don't have to do your own homework? Playing dumb so you can repeat over and over your false statements? It is like we are living a strange Ground Hog Day movie every time you post a comment. The budget is public record. My suggestion would be to go through the finalized version. It will save you the trouble of asking CrickeeRaven for the cliff notes.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Here are a few other things to consider, Kammy: The city council is reporting some $25 million in surplus funds:,131220

Yet the fake "mayor" is not criticizing that surplus as "unneeded cash reserves" the way he has criticized the surplus in the school budget:,131149?#comments

[In the same comment at the above link, he repeats his false claims that the school department added two new assistant principals, has a "massive public relations budget," and is reducing teachers "at about the same rate" as it is adding "SC administrators." The facts are: Those two positions are not new, as explained by Supt. Thornton; the PR budget is $150,000; and 31 teachers were laid off compared with zero new school building administrator positions that are part of the staff, not the school committee.]

He also does not accuse the city council of neglecting its duties by preserving that surplus instead of spending it on things like -- just to use one example -- renovations to school buildings, which are by law owned by the city and leased to the school department, meaning the ultimate responsibility for maintaining them rests with the city.

This is why the school department must request the funds that the city would borrow through bonds -- because the school department is dependent on the city for its funding. For some reason, he does not argue that the city council could have used that surplus money from past budgets to fix the schools.

As you and I have seen, this is because he believes that bashing the school committee with false claims is somehow going to be a successful campaign strategy. And in 283 days, you and I and tens of thousands of honest, taxpaying voters will prove that he is, again, wrong.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Dear ThatGuyInRI,

You "don't care who didn't do their job"? That is a problem. If we give $85 million dollars MORE to an organization that, as you say, "didn't do their job", what makes you think they will "do their job" this time?

You are RIGHT about the need but WRONG about who should handle the money.

Happy Valentines everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, January 26, 2018

Hello ThatGuyInRI:

Don't let the fake "mayor's" bluster, scolding, and misrepresentation of your comments offend you; he simply doesn't believe in anything more complicated than "SCHOOL COMMITTEE BAD!!!"

You are correct in saying that the schools need to be repaired, immediately. The current facilities have been allowed to reach their current condition through a series of missteps and oversight for which it is too time-consuming to try and assign blame.

Hopefully, the city council will uphold its legal obligation to fix the schools the city owns without requiring a referendum; however, I join you in believing that if given the opportunity, voters would approve the bonds and provide the funding needed so that the school committee can carry out the improvement plan that it has explained in great detail.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Has anyone noticed that the fake mayor has never, and will never pick up the microphone and make a comment at a council meeting? I guess he prefers to keep his delusions on the Beacon blog only. Can you imagine him in any official capacity? Here's a guy who was not clever enough not to enter into a predatory mortgage, (even though he is a mortgage broker) lost his house, destroyed his credit, lived as a squatter, abused the litigation system, was sued 16 times as the defendant, and argued in family court that he could only afford $10 for child support. WHAT A GUY !!!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Good to hear from you again, Thecaptain. Your incisive and fact-based comments about the fake "mayor's" personal character are always welcome to provide additional context to his pathetic conduct on this website.

Did you notice his earlier comment to me -- "I almost think you are (or recently were) a School Committee (SC) member" -- in response to simply posting the link to the school department website? As I'm sure you're aware, that wasn't the first time I'd provided that information, meaning the fake "mayor" previously ignored it on multiple occasions.

Thus, after repeatedly claiming "no way to know" the school budget while being provided with the information several times, the fake "mayor" decided to create a delusional conspiracy theory and once again display his total lack of comprehension of basic facts.

As he admitted above and so readily proved yet again, he is "confused" by a great many things, including how easily anyone can find publicly available information about the school department; when a fiscal year starts; why his "not another dime" rhetoric is delusional; and how withholding school funding would harm the teachers he claims to support by stopping their paychecks.

Thank you for providing further information that readers and tens of thousands of honest, taxpaying voters will use to decisively reject his candidacy and serve the fake "mayor" another humiliating defeat in just 281 days.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Raven there is a reason he is called "Captain"... and he shows it with every informative post. As a watch dog, he gets an A

Unlike the fake mayor, Cote actually has catalyzed change when his movement caused the council and mayor to increase the car tax exemption again.

And to their credit, they listened to the people and reconsidered. Our system works.

Now to the article itself. We definitely need to fix our aging education infrastructure. But money is tight due to obligations.

Lets see how this schools update conversation arrives at some kind of compromise here that can work. There is also a state initiative coming together that may help with some of it.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

I agree, WwkVoter. Thecaptain can show real results for his efforts, and I applaud him for that.

On the school improvement issue, the state plan is to increase the reimbursement rate to 50 percent, which is a good sign. Typically those reimbursements require the host community to spend the money first, so Warwick would have to approve this $85m bond item and actually pay for the work to get that state money.

Getting 20 schools updated for $42.5 million [after the state money is counted] is a great deal, and the council should approve it. Building a new school would direct too many resources away from existing facilities at a time when the school department is consolidating the school population. In the end, I think it's far more prudent to fix up the highest number of facilities that serve the highest number of students.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Unfortunately, I disagree. Every other community in Mass is doing just the opposite to mitigate future renovations which will ultimately come to old structures. The same format and formula is used. New school gets built on the existing playing fields, when complete, old school is torn down, new low maintenance playing fields installed.

Cost formula is as follows: 200 sq ft per student, times number of students, times $350.00 per sq ft.

I have been involved in over a dozen new construction school projects and every one is done the same way.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Thanks for your feedback, Thecaptain. I appreciate having a discussion with someone who's more experienced in a topic than I may be.

If I'm understanding the formula correctly, let's say we're going to replace Drum Rock.

There are 197 students there, so 197 x 200 x 350 = $13,790,000. So, for the $85M bond, Warwick could replace eight or nine similar-sized schools, give or take, if the state reimbursement is factored in.

A multi-phase replacement plan may work, where the city does several rounds of bonds to build new schools over a number of years -- with the caveat being the state has to continue to provide the reimbursement funds. The plan would also have to include replacing all of the schools to avoid a situation where new schools are being built at the detriment of maintaining existing buildings.

The ultimate question is, how practical is that for Warwick? I mean that in a couple of respects: Financially, can the city take on that kind of debt, and politically, will the people support it?

Monday, January 29, 2018

Dear WwkVoter,

Proceed with caution.

Rob Cote (AKA Thecaptain) is lying. Again. Don't repeat his statements if you don't want to also be liable for them.

1. I have spoken at the podium many times at City Council meetings. Cote lied about that.

2. I never entered into any predatory mortgage. I purchased my home with an 80/20 mortgage and invested over $100,000 into it. (kitchen, bath, central heat and air, hardwoods, windows, doors, appliances, landscaping, driveway and sewers) My credit score was over 700, and still is.

3. I didn't "loose my house". My lender broke R.I. law. I sued in Federal Court and won. Got that? I won.

4. I didn't "destroy my credit". My score today is over 700.

5.I never "lived as a squatter". I paid a court-ordered "use and occupancy" payment every month to the court-ordered magistrate and never missed or was late on any payment. Never even once.

6. I never "used the litigation system". I have fought for my rights when I felt I was in the right and will do the same as Mayor.

I've won most of the time, and have owned 29 homes in the process.

7. As far as my child support, I paid $1,776 every month and $580 in alimony. I never missed a payment for years. Then, my 2 sons told the judge they preferred living with me. I received physical custody from that day on and my 2 sons are my 2 best friends to this day. We speak every day.

8. He also lied about my car being "unregistered for three years". I wouldn't be able to register it today if that were true.

9. He also lied about my "being a tax cheat". I never have been.

10. He also lied about me "being bankrupt". I never have been.

What makes Rob Cote's actions even worse is this. I met with him and showed him many of these same documents. He knows everything about my lawsuit against my lender. He knows that I (and over one thousand other plaintiffs) WON IN FEDERAL COURT! If you want, I will make you that same offer. Anywhere, anytime. Just you and me and a bankers box of documents.

I respect you WwkVoter and I don't want you to be part of the growing problem. Rob Cote has admitted to stealing my signs, has sent vicious letters to every home that had my sign in front of it, and has ridiculed every part of "The Corrente Plan" but he never once offered a better version of any part of my plan. Never once.

It's easy to criticize. It takes more effort to suggest a better idea. He just attacks me and Mayor Avedisian for everything we do. I once asked him "If you hate us both so much, and there are only the two of us in the election, who is going to get your vote, for Mayor?" He replied "I may not vote for Mayor!" It was right after a City Council meeting when I spoke at the podium.

My cell phone number is 401-338-9900. Call me.

Happy Valentines everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Monday, January 29, 2018

Well it looks like a complete evisceration is now due for our fake mayor Mayor Dumbness. I wont go point by point due to the insanity of it all but lets start here:

1. Corrente's final narrative that he met with me and showed me "many of these same documents". Patently false. Mr. Corrente aka (MAYOR DUMBNESS) never met with me and never showed me 1 single document of any kind pertaining to foreclosure and subsequent loss of his house. In fact, I received a copy of the official notice to vacate sent to Mr Corrente on July 28th , 2015 from Attorney Dibiase Jr. entitled - NOTICE OF TERMINATION OF TENANCY UNDER RIGL34-18-37. Not withstanding that all of the exculpatory documents are available at the courthouse to anyone from the general public.

To paraphrase, he was notified to remove himself from the premises by the lawyer who represented Redstick Acquisitions who had purchased the house after Mr. Corrente lost his house due to foreclosure and tax sale, yet continued for 2 years to live in the house. Here is the case KD-2015-1094 | Red Stick Acquisitions, LLC v. Richard Corrente .

After 2 years of appeals and losses Mr. Corrente (MAYOR DUMBNESS) decided to attempt to overturn the Superior Court ruling of Trespass and Ejectment issued by Justice Rubine after his lawyer Babcock, suffered hospitalization due to overdose, and subsequent death. Now Corrente (aka Mayor Dumbness) is trying to overturn these proceedings pro-se.

Mr. Corrente (aka Mayor Dumbness) continues to state that he sued his lender in federal court AND WON !! Yet offers no case documents, no links, no case precedent, and, his counsel died !

2. Corrente says he's never used the litigation system. My oh my how we lie !










3SC-2015-00290 | Nicole Gagne v. Richard Corrente

KD-2015-0252 | Nicole Gagne v. Richard Corrente

3CA-2015-07374 | Red Stick Acquisitions, LLC v. Richard Corrente

KD-2015-1094 | Red Stick Acquisitions, LLC v. Richard Corrente

3CA-2016-07793 | Richard Corrente v. Redstick Acquisitions, LLC

3SC-2016-01563 | Richard Corrente v. Sharon Stone

Now I simply do not have the time to give the details on all of these numerous cases, however, feel free to look at them all on and see for yourself how he has not prevailed in any case.

As far as the family court case and his argument of making a $10 dollar child support payment, I have in the past posted the official transcript which was sent to me so I will not waste any more time on that.

The fake mayor (Mayor Dumbness) states that he is not a tax cheat yet he lived in a house for several years without paying taxes and in the end his domicile owed in excess of $27,000 in back taxes. Yet, because the agent who assumed the property and had to litigate and file injunctions to have him forcibly removed, had to pay the taxes after the tax sale, in his demented mind, he feels as though he is not a tax cheat although he lived several years in Warwick utilizing city services, and wrote no checks to pay for the aforementioned. My god, how insane could he be?

He keeps saying that HE WON in federal court. Then why doesnt he live there anymore? Who loses a house to tax sale and foreclosure and doesnt take a huge hit on his credit rating. But the major point here is that as a mortgage broker, he himself allowed himself to enter into a predatory loan which ultimately forced him into foreclosure. How many others did he council into doing the same?

He says he has won "most of the time" in court, yet all of the documents show him as defeated as a defendant in every case.

" I have spoken at the podium many times at City Council meetings. Cote lied about that". Please send us 1 Ustream link.

I'm really too tired to continue this humiliating beating of a dead horse. Yet as I have always said, any time you want to debate in public, in any venue, on any subject relative to city finances, I will pay for the venue and the refreshments, at any time. So now its time to gather your balls and put up or shut up.

I need sleep.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Corrente is truly scary.

Thank you others for the clarifications and information. That's interesting how Mass does it. Like the car tax, Mass seems to do things more professionally. Their car tax system is great, a flat rate statewide, and fades off after five years. So people who can buy new cars pay car tax for a few years. Then it ends, so people who can't afford a new car also dont get burdened with a car tax on some old jalopy. Simple. BUT we, as usual, invent our own twisted mess and do away with ALL the revenue. Now according to Cote's credible facts, Massachusetts has a nice tidy template-based school modernization plan. But looks like we can sit here and inefficiently debate and negotiate each and every school construction contract. We really should look outside our border once in a while for better ways to handle things!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I should add one thing, Corrente says 'cote stole my signs'. Illegally placed campaign signs on public property are considered LITTER under the law. If he disagrees why didnt he file a police report? Usually when someone has something "stolen" they call the police. Why didn't he call the police then? I think we all know why. If someone can't campaign legally, they should NOT be in any office. I also know that Corrente left signs up past the legal window on the last election which he lost. Nice way to say to the community "you didnt elect me so screw you I will leave my litter everywhere".

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I overlooked this part of the Mayor Dumbness fantasy -

" Rob Cote has admitted to stealing my signs, has sent vicious letters to every home that had my sign in front of it, and has ridiculed every part of "The Corrente Plan" but he never once offered a better version of any part of my plan. Never once."

Well, lets get into this fantasy and once again eviscerate the dope.

1. Stealing signs - As I said publicly on this forum (and the Crick can attest to) that Corrente was engaged in duct taping his signs to traffic control signal boxes all over the city. I also referred him to the state board of elections laws which indicate that ANY political sign placed on city property, state property, telephone poles, etc... can be legally removed and discarded by any resident. As a matter of fact, there are 2 in my trunk at the moment that were removed from the control box on Sandy Ln in front of the library, and also from the control box in front of MacDonalds on Sandy Ln. I look froward to removing more rubbish in the future.

2. Sending letters - Be it known that this fantasy of "sending vicious letters to every home that had my sign in front of it" is once again, pure fantasy. Since the vast majority of his signs were affixed to city property, trees, sticks, poles, placed in the woods etc... this delusion becomes more of comic relief than his last delusion, but certainly will be not as delusional as his next posting. As a matter of fact however, I did receive in the mail as well as several business's in the area, a copy of his court transcript on his child support hearing. That transcript was posted on this blog many months ago if you feel like searching for it.

3. I ridiculed every part of "The Corrente Plan" but he never once offered a better version of any part of his plan.

Corrente didnt have a plan, he had a few moronic ideas that could never be instituted due to his lack of knowledge of city finances and city charter (as he has been so willingly to show us all)

Having said that, I have on numerous occasions in public, in the news papers, on the radio, and on several television news channels, been outspoken about waste and abuse, excessive manpower, unfunded liabilities, defined contribution plans vs defined benefit plans, school consolidation, road repair, etc.. etc.. etc...

I have made presentations to the city council on many of these matters, authored the original car tax reform legislation, and was personally responsible for the implementation of the $2000 motor vehicle exemption in Warwick which to date has put back almost 11 million dollars back to the tax payers. Not withstanding hundreds of hours of analysis of departmental cost over runs, identifying the cause, and assisting to author ordinances to root out these issues.

Corrente has done nothing but stand on the corner and wave like Gilbert Godfried on crack. Once again in his latest diatribe, he offers no substantive documentation on any aspect of which he speaks. No analysis on anything except for his idea to erect a statue of Donna Travis at Oakland Beach. Another tax delinquent tax cheat, election law violator.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Once again WwkVoter, you drive right to the heart of the issue with regard to the fake "mayor."

When facts are presented to him, he ignores them or insists that they mean something else; he bullies other commenters; he continues to repeat his already-debunked talking points; and, as you rightly point out, he treats the city with disdain. And despite all this, he believes himself a viable candidate!

The truly scary part about him is that he maintains this delusion, despite losing so decisively in 2016 and facing another inevitable defeat this year. He is certainly not someone who should be anywhere near an elected office, and honest, taxpaying voters will ensure that that remains the case.

Now, to your point about our state's parochial attitudes: I completely agree that Rhode Island should consider how other states function and look at following their more efficient processes. Ultimately, I think our state will get there, though it will probably be out of necessity rather than choice.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The reason MA is able to replace the schools is that they enacted legislation in 2004 and created Commonwealth's school building assistance program (SBA) And comparing it to the RI program there is no comparison... That is why MA is able to build new schools...

"Since its establishment in 2004, the MSBA has made more than $10.1 billion in reimbursements to cities, towns and regional school districts for school construction projects. Instead of waiting years for reimbursement, districts now receive payments from the MSBA as costs are incurred. These timely payments have saved municipalities over $2.9 billion in avoided local interest costs.[2] To fulfill its mission of developing fiscally responsible and educationally appropriate capital improvements, the MSBA has:[2]

Made full or partial payments to more than 424 of the 428 projects on the waiting list, with funding available for the remaining projects once they begin construction

Received and processed over 180 Statements of Interest from communities interested in participating in the program

Instituted an accelerated audit program that has completed more than 772 of the 800 backlogged audits inherited from the former program

Audited over $14 billion in project costs

Made it possible for local municipal or regional school districts to avoided $2.9 billion in interest costs, by increasing speed which projects move through the capital funding process

Saved Massachusetts and its municipalities over $1.1 billion by establishing of reasonable enrollment projections; increased oversight of school improvement projects with reasonable project budgets the prevent growth in scope or budget; and exercises due diligence by making more than 450 site visits to more than 160 school districts"

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

When will the comments on this site move past the personal stuff. At this point anyone who reads the WB knows how they feel about the same players on this forum. Go to the NEW Warwick Vets and take a tour, see for yourself what your tax money is being spent on. If you know construction then you will realize this is like putting a bandaid on a cut that requires 100 stitches. Look beyond what they want you to see, Mr Ladouceur is correct, build new. Because we will never finish making repairs to our outdated school buildings. Yes at first some parts of the system will be better than others, no different than now. GREAT SCHOOLS Make Great Communities, it really is that simple.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Stella, it is important to note that the "personal stuff" comments are in reference to a man that has announced he is running for office and has repeatedly used the comment section of the Beacon to make false statements. The personal stuff if important information because it relates directly to his ability to run the city if he is elected. Which is doubtful but he perseveres nonetheless.

And another to add to the list: Warwick City Committee Chairman Anthony Corrente (no relation) reportedt that Richard Corrente failed to report payment of a full page campaign ad in the Pennysaver. It has been reported in the Warwick Post. Now there is some spilled tea for you!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hello again Kammy:

I saw the article you mention:

In particular, I found the website's reporting about the fake "mayor" that "he did not have an accurate enough recollection of the ad or his campaign finance spending reports to immediately respond" to be very characteristic of him -- he expects people to believe that he placed a front-page ad paid by "Friends of Richard Corrente" that includes nearly every talking point he has repeated on this website, yet when asked about it, somehow doesn't remember?!

As you so rightly point out, we're talking about the fake "mayor's" qualifications for office; going by his own rhetoric, that's supposed to mean being accountable and answerable for one's behavior. "I don't remember" is neither of those things.

Can you imagine, just to use one example, if a member of the school committee were to say they didn't remember one or another decision on spending money? He'd call them "corrupt," accuse them of "extortion," and demand that the school department be defunded. [We know he would do those things because he already has.]

I certainly look forward to the pathetic attempts he may make to spin this situation: Blame the website for biased reporting, make disparaging remarks about the GOP chairman, claim he was somehow not responsible for the oversight, and insist that possibly violating campaign finance law isn't a big deal.

Or, in what would be far more in line with his past behavior, he'll simply ignore the whole thing and continue to post his uninformed statements on this website as if it never happened.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Right on cue, the fake "mayor" did exactly what I predicted. He failed to answer for his campaign finance activities and commented on a new article about the school bonds, repeating his already-disproven comments about the school committee not accounting for its spending:,131390?#comments

For anyone who still objects to the regular dismantling of the fake "mayor's" delusional statements, I suggest they comment in response to him and demand that he stop trying to mislead voters, and pay for his own website where he can write anything he invents in his fevered imagination instead of using the Beacon for free advertising.

Thursday, February 1, 2018