County Cork Irish Pub

For pub-style food, at its best


Two newcomers are saddled up to the old mahogany bar at County Cork Irish Pub, enjoying a house favorite ~ the juicy and succulent Bleu Cheese Hamburger. County Cork Irish Pub is a cozy bar and pub which overlooks Warwick Cove and attracts first-timers like this enthusiastic couple every day. While this may be their first visit, it surely won't be their last - if their lip smacking and words of approval are any sign. Like many others who support privately owned, local businesses, they know a good meal when they taste one - and this meal did not disappoint.

County Cork Irish Pub is not Irish by name alone - it is the pride and passion of Cora from Cork, a true Irish import who has brought her love of good food, good company, and good drink to our shores. Taking up house near Greenwich Bay Marina, this pub-style restaurant is a popular destination for its hearty fare, its breathtaking setting and its genuine hospitality - all compliments of Cora and her closeknit team. The pub, restored by Cora and her husband Patrick almost one year ago, is inviting, intimate and immaculate.

Some of the many offerings at this increasingly busy restaurant include a full menu of home cooked entrees, burgers, steak and chicken sandwiches, cold deli sandwiches, salads, soups and tasty appetizers (crowd favorite: hand-cut fries). Their food is made-to-order with fresh, local ingredients - and with all the flavor nuances of Cora's homeland. You can just dinghy up to the dock and fill up on a bowl of their authentic Guinness Irish Stew. Swimming with carrots, turnips, potatoes and beef, this stew will take you across the sea to the Emerald Isle with each bite.

The Fish & Chips served here are equally as satisfying - dipped in Guinness beer batter and lightly fried to flaky goodness, it is hard to beat. Cora introduces Southern-style Baby Back Ribs to the summer menu - boiled and roasted to finger-licking perfection. The chowders and clam cakes are also a sure thing here at the Pub. Best thing of all: an Imperial Pint of Guinness Beer, 20 ounces of thirst-quenching brew from the full-service bar, to begin and end your night.

There is also live entertainment here at County Cork, every Friday & Saturday night from 8:00pm - midnight and on Sundays from 5:00-9:00pm. Come hear the sounds of "Wet Paint" and the Amadans (an Irish sessions band), as well as the soulful Irish tunes of Cora from Cork herself.

County Cork Irish Pub is located at 50 Waterfront Drive off 2nd Point Road. For questions, call 732-2675. They are open every day from 12:30 pm until 1:00am. On Sunday mornings, from 8:00 until noon, stop by for a homemade breakfast of omelets, pancakes, home fries, and breakfast meats. No better way to start your day.


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