County Cork Irish Pub Where the wind is always at your back and a Guinness is always on hand


There is a land, far across the sea, where "the road rises to meet you, the wind is always at your back, the sun shines warm upon your face, and the rains fall softly upon your fields". It is home to the Blarney Stone, Sheep's Head peninsula, rolling hills of green and miles of unspoiled coastline. It is also the homeland of Ireland's best export, County Cork's own "Cora from Cork". Cora from Cork left the verdant hills of Ireland eight years ago, and now, along with her husband Patrick from Pawtucket, welcomes you to their cozy pub, County Cork Irish Pub. Once the home of "Oma & Opa's" breakfast nook, this newly opened pub is now owned by this dynamic duo who joyfully invites you to come in, pull up a barstool and relax.

County Cork Irish Pub is as true to its name as you can imagine. The signature colors of Ireland bathe the walls and the rich, polished wood of the original bar make you feel as though you are on the Emerald Isle itself. There is a real comfort and familiarity here that beckons you in to gulp down an authentic Guinness beer, Irish whiskey or maybe even one of Cork's humble "Paddy's". When eating inside, diners are treated to a breath-taking view of glistening Warwick Cove, but the best spot in the house is seated on the outside terrace, overlooking the bay.

Offering up a full service bar of everything from frothy beers and malts to finer wines and whiskeys, County Cork serves their brew up in 20 ounce frothy glasses,, not your usual 16 ounce ones. You can also choose from a delicious menu of specialty items, including Cora's homemade Irish Guinness Stew and chowder. Try one of County Cork's very own hand cut fries with their one-of-a-kind curry sauce or a "Bacon Buddy" (a BLT, made with Irish bacon, of course!) The menu is perfect pub fare - hearty, fresh and flavorful. Just bring your dinghy up to the "Dinghy Dock" and settle in for an unforgettable experience.

County Cork held its grand opening on (appropriately so) St. Patrick's Day, and has been going strong ever since. From that time forward, there will be live entertainment every weekend, including the lovely and authentic Celtic voice of Cora from Cork herself. As if it could get any better, local Irish musicians are invited to come and play in one of County Cork's monthly "jam sessions". Don't miss it.

County Cork Irish Pub is located at 50 Waterfront Drive near Greenwich Bay Marina. For questions or directions, call 732-2675. Hours are M-F, 3:00pm to 1:00am, and Sat. - Sunday, 1:00pm - 1:00am. (Hours are changing at the end of April! Stay tuned!) Cora and Patrick are waiting with your Guinness beer in hand.


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