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Attention gardeners, landscape renovators, residential or business lawn service contractors and homeowners everywhere! While the air is still warm and the days are still bright, it is time to prepare your property for a new season! Now is the time to load up your truck and wheelbarrows with the highest quality of loam, mulch and other popular ground coverings from Warwick's own C.P. Watson, Inc. and get those projects started.

C.P. Watson Inc., located on 33 Plan Way, is a family owned and operated business that has been servicing homes and businesses in the region for decades. Donald Watson has owned this company for 60 years and, with help of his son Howard , has built a reputation of excellence, affordability and the highest quality of materials. You can bring your truck or vehicle here for a load of mulch or loam, or schedule a delivery. The Watson family values your business and cares deeply about your customer satisfaction.

Come to C.P. Watson, Inc. for these superior materials:

• Screened Loam - used widely for gardening and agricultural purposes because it retains nutrients and water well while still allowing excess water to drain away. This loam is screened so that no raking is required (screened for ½" plus-size stones).

• PURE Pine Bark Mulch - contains no dyes or coloring. This environmentally-friendly mulch, generously layered around your plants, can give your garden a nice finished look. It is also needed to keep moisture in and weeds out.

• Concrete and Brick Sands - used in many ways, both decorative and functional, including different masonry functions, use on patios & walkways and as a base to install pavers.

• Crushed Stones -used for decorative walkways, driveways and even for mulching purposes.

• "Connecticut" Wall Stones -used to build walls, define property lines, and give your property that rustic, traditional look of a Connecticut landscape.

• Cobblestones - beautiful rounded stones that are best used for decorative borders on gardens or walkways to achieve that historic look.

While the team here does not install, they are available to measure your property for required quantities. Make your way to this long-established, highly recommended business and GET GOING this fall! Homeowners, landscapers, residential and business contractors and gardeners are ALL welcome!

C.P. Watson, Inc. can be found across the street from the UPS Headquarters on Plan Way, just off of Jefferson Boulevard in Warwick. Call the office today and you will be assisted by Donna Kosior, C.P. Watson's loyal office manager of 23 years. Their number is 732-1666.


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