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(Formula boxing movie)

Sylvester Stallone just can't let go of his Rocky character. Lots of back story here as he befriends Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), son of Apollo Creed, Rocky's ring rival. Adonis is the heavyweight champion of the world, although he still lives in a flat on the other side of the Philadelphia tracks.

Russian boxer Viktor Drago, son of the fighter that killed Adonis's father in the ring, wants a piece of him. Viktor's father trains him hard, filling his son with his killer instinct, while Adonis is a more sophisticated fighter. Rocky is against the fight and refuses to be in Adonis's corner.

An unusual turn of events occurs during the fight (to explain any further would kill the element of surprise). Like every other boxing film, including the Rocky series, it all comes down to the bloody BIG FIGHT.

There's a sub-story about Adonis and his singer girlfriend (Tessa Thompson) and references to hearing loss that gets lost in the shuffle.

It is good to see an aging Stallone on screen, and Jordan is a fine actor, but when you come right down to it, Creed II is just another boxing movie.

Rated PG-13, with some profanity and the violence of boxing.


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