City warns of possible trash pickup delays


Place the trash and recyclables at curbside in the morning and roll the carts back after they have been emptied. It happens every week for more than 30,000 homeowners.

But it almost didn’t happen about two weeks ago in Cowesett. A combination of truck breakdowns delayed pickups and the city came close to postponing completion of the route until the following day.

In a press release issued Thursday, the city administration cautioned that because one sanitation truck is out of commission there could be delays in collections.

That one truck had been used as a reserve to cover for breakdowns.
But the issue goes deeper than a single truck. The city’s fleet of 14 sanitation and recycling trucks is aging and on average experience two breakdowns daily, said Richard Crenca, director of Public Works. Keeping the trucks going and completing the routes has depleted the department’s overtime budget and put pressure on the maintenance staff.

It may be some time before the city gets a new truck, too.

In an interview Monday, Ward 5 Councilman and Council Finance Committee chair Ed Ladouceur thought there are other ways to ensuring collections without rushing out to buy a new truck.

Saying the city is faced with numerous issues and that taxpayers face tough times, Ladouceur suggested scheduling of preventive maintenance at nights, a review of collection routes and, even if it proves practical, reducing collections from once a week.

“We’ve got to do more with less,” he said. As for the specific truck that is out of commission because of a blown engine, he said, “why not buy a new engine? It’s got to be a lot less [than a new truck],” he said.

“There’s ways to solve things with a little more efficiency and doing things more effectively,” he said.

Crenca appeared before the Council Finance Committee with a lease purchase bid for a new truck costing $267,000 last fall. The committee didn’t take it to the full council. Ladouceur said he wanted to see how the department would fare. The committee also held off on the Fire Department request for another engine and bids for police cruisers.

In order to complete sanitation and recyclable routes, Crenca said crews have had to double up and cover for one another. In some cases when recycling trucks have completed their routes, they are turned around to collect trash. He said the department has overspent its $65,000 overtime budget by $3,200 in the first seven months of the fiscal year.

Yet even if the finance committee and council go along with a lease purchase, the city won’t be out of the hole.

“It’s not like something you pick off the shelf at Home Depot,” said Crenca. After the award of a contract, Crenca said the city won’t see a new truck for six to nine months. It could be October before the city gets a new truck even if a contract was awarded now.

“Residents are asked for their patience as all parties work towards an amicable compromise to address the issue,” reads the release issued by the administration.

Asked how he would handle Crenca’s request for a new truck at this point, Ladouceur said he’s “not signing on to a new truck in the foreseeable future…we’re not going to rubber stamp bids.” He said he wants a clear picture of the city’s financial first.

“We need to be sure we can afford these things,” he said.

Ladouceur commended the council on its attention to finances, pointing out that it approved a budget without a tax increase. He said, “the well is only so deep...we need to protect the dollars in the taxpayers’ pockets.”


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How is it that most of the trash trucks are complete with their runs and back at the city yard by 1 pm?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

So they can do the paperwork?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Perhaps it’s time to go back to privatized trash collection. Surely it is cheaper than buying trucks and paying pensions.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Time for the city to stop this onerous mission. They need to keep their hands off of my trash. If I want it to build up in my yard, that is my right. Stop making me spend money where I don't want to. We need less government hassling our lives. #MAGA

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dear Justanidiot,


Your spelling is much improved!

As far as the trash collections...

We have long-term municipal employees. They do a decent job. They get a fair wage. It would cost us much more to replace them than to keep them. It would also show disloyalty to the other city employees. I am 100% against privatization of ANY city service. However, I do believe that any new-hire employees should not be offered as much in todays economy as they were in previous years. I believe that if we pay less for new employees and limit their number, Warwick would save a substantial amount of money. I believe that money should be shared with the existing municipal employees in the form of raises that are overdue and also the taxpayers, who that have seen their taxes increase every year, for seventeen years in a row. Only in 2017 did the Mayor fail to increase taxes (29 times!). My message of "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending" rallied the 80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab. I felt proud to know that campaigning 700 days in a row and spending $40,000 of my own money (as well as many generous contributions) worked! The taxpayers spoke loud and clear through their courageous City Council and 29 tax increases were unanimously voted down. 13,278 good people voted for me in 2016 and November is right around the corner!

As far as buying new trucks, I believe that repairing is the way to go. These mega-machines were built to last and replacing them costs a fortune.

Happy Spring Justanidiot.

Happy Spring everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

"It would cost us much more to replace them than to keep them."

Again Corrente talks out both sides AS USUAL. NO research, no proof, cut taxes cut spending, dont privatize. WOW.


That being said. My trash was picked up this week right on time, and I am happy with the service.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

News Story about Corrente's ILLEGAL SIGNS. And his comment "No I wont comment on that". Making the real question HOW in the world did the Post get this gasbag Corrente to shut his hole? Too bad the Beacon cant do same in these comments!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hello again WwkVoter:

I have seen and shared that same news article recently, and you raise an interesting question of how the Post got the fake "mayor" to shut up -- the answer is, they asked him a direct question about his clearly illegal activity and he knew he couldn't just make up something to say, as he so often does on this website.

His previous comment is further proof:

"Only in 2017 did the Mayor fail to increase taxes (29 times!). My message of "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending" rallied the 80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab. I felt proud to know that campaigning 700 days in a row and spending $40,000 of my own money (as well as many generous contributions) worked! The taxpayers spoke loud and clear through their courageous City Council and 29 tax increases were unanimously voted down."

For the entire truth about these false claims, I invite you to read this informative and well-researched report from the Post:

From that article, you will learn:

- that the tax rate went down in 2017 and stayed level in 2018, and in both years the city collected more tax revenue;

- that the fake "mayor's" failed campaign did not stop the 9-0 Democratic city council from spending more and raising more through taxes in 2018;

- that there are not 80,000 taxpayers in Warwick;

- that he did not campaign for 700 days;

- that he raised just $4,000 of his overall campaign spending from about a dozen Democratic insiders, including elected officials and candidates in Warwick, Cranston, and Providence; and

- that the 29 "tax increases" were, in fact, amendments brought by the city council [not the mayor] to reduce the proposed budget by $750,000 and were not all passed unanimously.

So, as you see yet again, the fake "mayor" continues to lie on this site because he believes no one running it will stop him. I do find consolation, though, in the fact that the editors and owners of this website do not elect the mayor -- honest, taxpaying voters do, and we can be certain that they will overwhelmingly defeat the lying fake "mayor" again. He is doing all of us a favor by so readily and repeatedly proving his complete unfitness for office, and in a way the Beacon is doing us all a favor by giving him so much proverbial rope.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Maybe start by allowing people to put their bins out only when they are full and lengthening routes.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

j frazer, I dont think that would work because what if my bin is almost full but wont last another week? very few people I think could go two full weeks. I just think they need to fix the current system (get the truck fixed or replaced) .

Thursday, February 22, 2018

I just don't understand how someone can continue to make false statements even after people have exposed them as lies repeatedly. You take credit for work you haven't done. You twist the facts to fit your agenda. You are a fraud Mr. Corrente. I am still waiting to hear from you who you spoke with on the City Council and on what dates. I intend to ask them myself if they had the conversations you referenced in two articles and the truth of your statements. If you were truthful then why are you afraid to site your source?

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Who is this Fake Taxpayer Mayor Guy? Is he mentally ill? How does he have access to a computer ? Maybe the local library? I would be glad to talk to him if he needs a friend.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hello again Kammy:

Thank you for joining those of us who very clearly understand the truth about the fake "mayor" and trying to get him to answer for his many false statements. As you and I have seen, the fake "mayor" clearly does not believe he should be accountable for his ethically questionable and potentially illegal behavior.

It is a great consolation that he also refuses to realize his own error in continuing this activity, meaning he is only providing more evidence for honest, taxpaying voters to defeat his candidacy.

Hello RonPaul:

I am sure you could find the fake "mayor" sitting alone in the empty storefront that he calls an office in Hoxsie, the same office that he paid with campaign funds to the same person who previously paid the delinquent taxes on his claimed residence.

You'll find proof of this, as well as his potentially illegal failure to report how he paid for the office in 2017, at this link:

Fair warning: You'll be treated to more of his delusional claims and blatant lies if you spend more than five minutes with him.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Well everybody,

The fake mayor, Mayor Dumbness Corrente, finally had the guts to take the microphone at the city council meeting last night (2/21). He was the first of 2 speakers. I am still in awe of his insightful comments. These are his exact words - "Due to the hour im gonna postpone mine to the next meeting. Happy spring everyone:. An astounding research filled comment, filled with data from extensive APRA requests and due diligence. This was a 4 second peer into the mind of an idiot. Such thought provoking comments, I am still astonished as to his knowledge.

His comments begin at the 45:53 mark. Here is the link.

If you really want entertainment scroll to the 46:00 minute mark and listen to what real research can produce.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hello again Thecaptain, and thank you for providing video evidence of the fake "mayor's" disgraceful behavior.

From this video, we can conclude that he put his name on the agenda and waited through the bulk of a city council meeting so he could make a poorly veiled complaint about the length of the meeting. Obviously the council was prepared to allow him 7 1/2 minutes to make his statement -- and he wasted their time, effort, and consideration.

Honestly, if I had not watched this video or already seen so many examples of the fake "mayor's" antics, I would not to believe that anyone could be so arrogant, delusional, and fraudulent. But as you and I know too well, the fake "mayor" is quite willing to provide evidence that he is a terrible candidate with questionable ethics and a total disregard for campaign laws.

The one slight consolation in this sorry episode is that he actually didn't speak any longer than four seconds, so we were spared the spectacle of him trying to put more than one of his repeatedly disproven statements on the city council record. [His "Happy Spring" comment is factually incorrect, as spring begins March 20.]

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dear WwkVoter, RonPaul, Kammy etc.

If you want the facts, here they are.

The City of Warwick sent me a "Notice-of-Violation" about my signs. They sent it by regular mail, AND certified mail, AND, just to try to intimidate me, they walked into my office unannounced and hand-delivered one. That's dirty politics.

I contacted the ACLU feeling that my rights were violated. I was right. They were. The ACLU sent a letter to the City that said:

1. My signs are LEGAL. Got that? They are LEGAL.

2. The Warwick zoning ordinance that says they are not legal is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! It violates the First Amendment.

3. About 8 years ago someone else took Warwick to court and WON. The court ordered Warwick to permanently remove that ordinance due to that court case. They never did! They ignored the court order! More dirty politics!

4. When Warwick sent me that "Notice-of-Violation" they knew it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Got that? They knew that Warwick was in violation of the U.S.CONSTITUTION!!! They did it anyway. Can you think of why? I can.

As to why accusations like yours never make it to The Warwick Beacon...(except in the comments section)

I believe it is because they feel that a fake accusation, with fake facts, from fake sources, from fake people with fake names shouldn't be printed. The Warwick Beacon believes in ethical, honest, unbiased, responsible journalism.

Rob Borkowski tried to sell me advertising in his on-line newspaper.for my campaign about 2 years ago. He and his sales lady called me relentlessly, but I didn't agree to his price. He wanted over $2,000 for an ad similar to what The Warwick Beacon sells for $520+-. PLUS, The Beacon has an audience that is thousands of times greater than Borkowskis' publication and his price is five times higher?? Are you kidding me? I considered it such an extreme over-payment that it could easily be considered extortion. Rob, who is listed as the Warwick GOP Chairman, has an ethical responsibility to report the news in an unbiased way. He has never done that even once, in my opinion. He called me after 10PM at night in January 2018, to "interview" me. His speech was very slurred.

Now, according to the comments section of the Warwick Beacon, he has filed a complaint against me with the Board of Elections for not reporting an ad that ran on December 17 ,2017. He feels that I should have reported it in my last quarter financial reports (October, November, December). Here's the newsflash. I didn't pay for it until January 2018!! That's perfectly legal and ethical. The Beacon knows that I ALWAYS pay.

He also complained that I didn't list any "expenses for my headquarters". Here is newsflash number two. There weren't any! My campaign headquarters are in the same office that my mortgage company is. My mortgage company hasn't charged any expenses to my campaign!! Again, perfectly legal and ethical.

I have never had a complaint against me at the Board of Elections. This is my first. You can bet I will be cleared of ANY wrongdoing. Know why? Because I didn't do anything wrong.

Now if you want to debate one of my ideas, or better yet, actually come up with one of your own, I will be happy to listen. Otherwise you are nothing but an empty can. A fake, empty can. If you want to see the letters, call me if you have the courage. (401) 338-9900. For the record, I doubt you will.

Happy Spring everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, February 22, 2018

When did we elect this clown Ladouceur Mayor ? This guy thinks he runs the city because he lives in Warwick neck. The city is falling apart because of this power struggle. Don’t we have a council President.

We need trash trucks, fire trucks and police cars, I’ve lived in this city for over 20 yrs and never seen it this bad politically.

We know you guys are afraid of that coward Rob Cote. We need leadership !!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Once again, the fake "mayor" can not restrain himself from posting false and delusional comments. The city did not hand-deliver a notice of violation to "intimidate" him -- that is the typical way of serving such violations.

Also, he gives no proof of any communication with the ACLU. And, as the city ordinance is still in place, he is, in fact, in violation of it.

As for his pathetic complaints about the Post's owner and publisher, the fake "mayor" again lies:

"Rob [Borkowski], who is listed as the Warwick GOP Chairman..."

This is false. Anthony Corrente is the Warwick GOP Chairman -- which Post correctly reports.

Anthony Corrente is not fake, his statements are factually true, his source is the Rhode Island Board of Elections campaign finance reports, and his accusation is being investigated by the Board of Elections, meaning it is legitimate and worthy of further research.

On the subject of ads, the Post's advertising rates are here:

The only ad that costs more than $2,000 is a one-year banner [the top ad that appears across the top of the site]. According to his own campaign finance reports, the fake "mayor" spent that much in one month on Beacon advertisements.

His complaint about being called at 10 p.m. is like pathetic -- he is so intent on being a candidate, and yet considers it wrong to receive a media inquiry at night? And his accusation of "slurred" speech is just more proof that the fake "mayor" is incapable of anything but making up stories that support his already-specious claims.

As frequent readers know, the fake "mayor" can not answer for his behavior with anything except more bullying, delusional statements, and flat-out lies -- and he proves it yet again.

He also has not answered for why he paid campaign funds to the same person who previously paid off the tax delinquency on his property in 2014 and 2015; perhaps his comment above is meant to show that he is now paying money out of his business for this purpose.

Thank you to the rest of the honest, taxpaying commenters on this site who continue to prove the fake "mayor" to be a liar and cause him to post more and more fraudulent statements.

To answer the fake "mayor's" bullying comment: We get it, and we will ensure his defeat again this November.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

It should also be noted that it took nearly two weeks after the Post published its first report for the fake "mayor" to assemble his latest string of false statements. When given the opportunity to provide a comment to the Post, he refused.

This indicates that the fake "mayor" can not think spontaneously and does not possess the courage to answer direct media inquiries.

He also does not understand that people do not contact him because he is an emotionally unstable, delusional person who shows voters everything they need to know through his comments and behavior on this site.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

... good points... and the Warwick Democrats couldn't find anybody better to endorse? (Or maybe they actually don't see the problem which would be even more scary...)

Thursday, February 22, 2018


There's a lot of that going around in the Democrat Party- they nominated Hillary in spite of her inexperience, corruption, arrogance and lack of leadership, but they did still "owe" her for stepping aside for The Lightbringer in 2008...

Friday, February 23, 2018

You raise important questions about Councilman Ladouceur, WwkVoter. He seems to have maneuvered himself into a position of having outsized influence on a number of city operations and policies.

For example, he proposed a majority of the 29 amendments to the FY18 budget that the fake "mayor" falsely attributes to Mayor Avedisian. As seen in this article, Ladouceur is also stalling needed upgrades, repairs, and replacement of aging city equipment in the name of savings -- when, in fact, delaying these items will only cost the city more and may have an impact on the schedule of a vital city service.

[Ladouceur contributed $150 to the fake "mayor" in his losing 2016 campaign.]

You may also recall that the 9-0 Democratic council passed a budget based on a 99-percent tax collection rate; this, too, was supported by Ladouceur even though the city finance director rightly said it was unrealistic. It's becoming clear that the city council is trying to paper over the potential deficit that failing to hit that target will create, as well as the $6.5 million increase in spending that the FY18 budget includes.

As for why the local Democratic party continues to support the fake "mayor," it's pretty clear from the list of losing candidates since 2002 that the party has given up on trying to win the mayor's office and instead has allowed losers like the fake "mayor" to fund their own campaigns in what the party knows to be a futile effort. The Democratic party in Warwick has also decided to focus its efforts on the city council, where it has held a majority for many years and approved all of the same tax-raising budgets that the fake "mayor" blames on Mayor Avedisian.

So, basically they're letting the fake "mayor" have his pathetic little fantasy, knowing he is going to lose, because they know the mayor's office will remain out of their reach for the foreseeable future.

Friday, February 23, 2018

And, just to add to the pile of trash that the fake "mayor" posted on this page:

"I didn't pay for [the Pennysaver ad] until January 2018!! That's perfectly legal and ethical."

In fact, all publications require full, up-front payment for political ads, meaning he should have paid for the ad when he placed it in December, 2017, and reported that spending on his 2017 4th quarter campaign finance reports.

Because he did not pay for the ad when it was placed, the fake "mayor," in effect, received a campaign contribution from the Pennysaver in the form of free advertising, since the paper was distributed with the ad before it was paid, by his own admission. This adds a second legally-required campaign finance transaction that he should have reported in 2017.

"The Beacon knows that I ALWAYS pay."

That is because the Beacon, like all publications, requires full payment in advance for all political advertisements. As shown in his prior campaign finance reports, the fake "mayor's" treasurers always ensured that those ad buys were reported properly; why he believes the Pennysaver ad should be handled differently remains a mystery.

Failing to report campaign contributions and spending is neither legal nor ethical, no matter how the fake "mayor" tries to spin the facts.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Just one more:

- "About 8 years ago someone else took Warwick to court and WON. The court ordered Warwick to permanently remove that ordinance due to that court case. They never did! They ignored the court order! More dirty politics!"

The ACLU-led court case in 2009 about political signage was against West Warwick:

Here is the actual ruling:

Without specifics being provided by the fake "mayor" [something frequent readers have see all too often from him], it is impossible to confirm his claims of "someone else" winning a case against Warwick "about 8 years ago."

Friday, February 23, 2018