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* * ½
(Bank heist drama)

Bank heists usually make for exciting B movies. The problem with “Den of Thieves” is that it is so disjointed, unbelievable, complicated and dragged out (two hours and 20 minutes) that you lose interest along the way.
Gerard Butler plays Nick, a California county sheriff who will do anything to catch his perps – anything. The movie switches back and forth between the bad guys and Nick’s team in a long cat and mouse setup that culminates in the robbery of the impenetrable LA Federal Reserve Bank. The problem is that the actual robbery is so convoluted that the audience will have trouble following it (at least I did).
The chase scene after the robbery goes on and on, as the cops show little concern for the public, shooting up dozens of cars and putting civilians in harm’s way.
And then there is the final ending, where the writers try to explain what really happened, leaving me more confused as ever. They also throw in a bit about Nick’s personal problems, which add nothing to the movie at all.
“Den of Thieves” is certainly not Butler’s best work. Surprisingly, rapper 50 Cent comes off as the best actor in this dismal movie.
Rated R for excessive violence and profanity.


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