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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days


(Mild comedy sequel)

They're back. They have one last summer to enjoy before going on to junior high school.

Scituate's own Robert Capron reprises his role as Rowley, the pudgy, innocent beyond comprehension pal of Greg (Zachary Gordon) in this bland comedy that plays more like a series of vignettes.

Greg has a real problem relating to his father (Steve Zahn). The kid wants to spend the summer doing nothing but playing video games. Dad has other ideas, like camping, Civil War reenactments, fishing and that all-important male bonding. Greg tells his father he has a job at the local country club, where Rowley is a member, bringing his pal along as a guest.

Greg has an awkward crush on Holly, a schoolmate who teaches tennis at the club. His pain-in-the-neck older brother convinces him to sneak him in. Greg also has a pain-in-the-neck younger brother who provides a number of giggles for the younger audience members.

We watch Greg lose his bathing suit in the pool, be bombarded by tennis balls on the tennis court, mess up a camping trip, go on a scary thrill ride at the amusement park with Rowley, and mess up his relationship with his best friend.

The youngsters in the audience giggled through Rowley and Greg’s misadventures, while the adults suffered through them.

Lots of good messages for the kids, including telling the truth, sticking by your friends and learning from your mistakes. Drop off the kids and go to the mall.

Rated PG, with some minor bathroom humor.


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