Diva's Diner and Take Out


Divas Diner and Take-Out has moved from its former home in North Providence and is now right here in Johnston! Look out, Johnston, this cozy "Divas Diner" means business ~ not the "glitzy, in-your-face" kind of business the name might imply, but the best kind of business, the delicious kind. "Marly", the owner and cook at Diva's Diner has been preparing and serving up her delectable comfort food for the past 25 years, and invites you to come and partake of her wholesome, satisfying fare. She has been cooking up homemade meals since she was a teenager working in the restaurant business, and continues to be passionate about both her food, and her customers.

When asked why she named this cheerful diner "Diva's", she explains its dual significance; one, Marlene loves music and wanted to incorporate that "Old Opera" feeling into this newly refurbished space; and two, she supports "strong, independent and courageous people who, through their own blood, sweat and tears, give their heart and soul to what they love" ~ just like she does.

Diner has a lengthy list of breakfast and lunch options that will make YOU feel like a diva! Each serving comes on a 16" platter, filled with omelets, pancakes, eggs, French toast, freshly baked muffins, homefries and any number of side dishes. No breakfast meal exceeds $8.00 - and to top that, every meal comes with a FREE pancake or slice of French toast. Try Marly's most popular selections, the Italian and Portuguese Omelettes - all made from four eggs and packed with fresh ingredients. They each come with homefries and toast (oh, and that free pancake!). The Diva's "Dare to Eat" Omelette is not for the faint of heart - this omelette has bacon, sausage, ham, onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach and cheese in it (oh, and that free slice of French Toast!) Can you handle it?

While Diva's Diner is open all day for breakfast, do not miss their delicious lunch specials. Customers crave her "Thanksgiving Day" sandwich - made from juicy, straight-off-the-bone turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, or her Pulled Pork Sandwich, made from Marly's slow-cooked recipe. Along with a long list of regular offerings, there are also daily specials (and a free soda with each meal)! Best of all - you can call your order in ahead of time and pick it up right at her convenient drive-through! No more fast food here - the Diva of Delicious is in town.

Diva's Diner is found at 1355 Hartford Avenue. Open seven days, M-F, 7am- 2pm, Sat. - Sun., 8am - 2pm and even LATE nights on Fri. and Sat., midnight to 4am. Ask Marly about her event planning, especially her Little Diva's Darling Birthday parties.

For food made with true heart and soul, stop by today, or call ahead at 572-3770.


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