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Django Unchained


(Bloody, funny, exciting, powerful Tarantino tale)

Politically incorrect, filled with gushing blood, funnier than a classic comedy, and filled with excitement and surprises, Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" will entertain you for two hours and 45 minutes with its irreverent approach to life in the 1850s, when slavery was a way of life.

A warning right up front: If you are easily offended, don't go to see this movie. The use of the "N" word outdoes the use of the "F" bomb by double figures. Violence is everywhere and some of it, while overplayed, is very graphic. The story, however, is fresh, gripping, hysterically funny and as exciting as you could hope it.

Jamie Foxx is great as the title character, a black slave who is saved by King Schultz, a white German bounty hunter (the fantastic Christoph Waltz), joining up with him as an equal to catch the bad guys for a handsome fee. Schultz drives his horse-driven wagon with a big tooth on top, claiming to be a dentist, and gives Django (“I don't pronounce the D”) his own horse, which offends everyone from Texas to Tennessee. Negroes don't ride horses. It's the law.

Everywhere they travel they shock the townsfolk, who just can't understand how these two men could be friends. To make it more interesting, Schultz has a vocabulary that would impress an English professor but can't be understood by the locals.

The unlikely pair are successful in their pursuits of wanted men. How they track them down and kill them makes for some clever scenes. A scene where they are chased by the KKK is one of the funniest we have ever witnessed.

But their biggest caper is yet to come. Django yearns for his wife, who is being held as a slave by the evil plantation owner Calvin Candie. Schultz dreams up a complicated, clever scheme to rescue Broomhilda (she was raised by German-speaking slave owners).

They travel to Candieland, posing as promoters of Mandingo, a brutal fight to the death between black slaves. The negotiations go on a bit too long, leading to a blood bath that outdoes anything Tarantino has done in the past. Our daughter, who hates violent movies but loved this one, kept reminding herself, "It's only a movie.”

"Django Unchained" is one of the most unique movies we've seen in a long time. Rated a big R, with profanity, racial epithets, ultra violence, and even a bit of nudity thrown in.


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