Doing good for goodness sake


To the Editor:

I read the article, “Three with a passion to help the lives of young people,” about the individuals who were thanked for their work for helping young people in the city of Warwick. I would like to echo John Kennedy’s thoughtful comments as they pertain to Patricia St. Amant.

All too often unsung heroes go unnoticed until the day when their contributions to society are recognized. Mr. Kennedy duly noted Ms. St. Amant’s contribution to the children of Warwick. I have seen her undying commitment week after week, as Ms. St. Amant sits as a member of the Family Court Truancy Diversion Program. Mayor Scott Avedisian had the wonderful insight to dedicate a member of his administration to this worthwhile program. He chose Patricia St. Amant. She provides help to the families who appear in court and are in need of financial assistance and health care management. Although this is her job day after day, she goes about this job in a unique way. She has no political agenda. She does not seek pomp and circumstance. Instead, Ms. St. Amant does good for goodness sake. Her heart, and consequently, her mind are in the right place.

Warwick and its citizens are better for having Ms. St. Amant’s service and I have become a better person for having known her. During this season of Thanksgiving, I too would like to extend my thanks to Patricia St. Amant – a person “with a passion to help the lives of young people.”

Angela Paulhus
Rhode Island Family Court


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