Dr. Albert Glucksman, O.D. Introducing a summer special of only $89


As soon as you enter this office on Warwick Avenue, you immediately have a feeling of comfort and familiarity, as though you were walking into your own living room, except that staring back at you are walls and walls of ~ eyeglass frames! Instead, you will see that you are in the office of Dr. Albert Glucksman, a family optometrist whose career has been devoted to bringing clear vision to patients for over forty years. Janice, the doctor's longtime office manager, and Robin, his assistant, warmly welcome you and introduce you to Dr. Glucksman, a dignified man with a calm and reassuring demeanor.

The optometry office of Dr. Glucksman treats patients of all ages, from childhood through the years when vision issues such as glaucoma and macular degeneration begin to emerge with age. If you or a loved one, especially school age children, is experiencing any symptoms that impair your vision - whether it be an external disease such as an infection, a foreign object that needs to be extracted, an allergy related problem, or any symptom connected with diabetes, Dr. Glucksman can help you. He will fit you for the perfect prescription if you are experiencing headaches, squinting, difficulty reading books or street signs, troubles with "floaters" or even if you just need to pass a vision exam to get a license. Whether it is a general eye exam, the treatment of a disease or the diagnosis and correction of a vision deficiency, this experienced optometrist is here.

Dr. Albert Glucksman has great knowledge of and respect for the human eye, in all its complexity. Our eyes allow us to experience our visual world in all its richness, beauty and detail, and to navigate around the physical obstacles we encounter every day. Dr. Glucksman, a member of several professional Optometric Associations, knows that the key to good vision is healthy eyes, and that, in order to maximize our vision, there are times when we need proper aids to enhance and correct that vision.

Dr. Glucksman begins your care with a thorough eye exam, followed by a determination of what prescription will best treat your concern. This office specializes in CONTACT LENSES, one of the most appealing and effective means to help correct vision problems. There are also endless pairs of prescription eyeglasses here to fit your style, including popular brands such as Vogue, Ray-Bans, "Juicy" and Harley-Davidson, to name a few.

This esteemed optometry practice is now offering a special promotion for summer! For only $89.00, you can receive a complete pair of single vision eyeglasses! Make an appointment today to take advantage of this great savings.

Dr. Glucksman's office, located at 1624 Warwick Avenue, can be reached at 739-1336. Hours are Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Friday, 9:00 - 5:00. Saturdays also available.


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