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(Boring NFL promotion)

If you are one of those sports fanatics that sit in front of the TV on Draft Day, you’ll like this boring movie.

If you are a football fan, but like me would rather read about the Patriots draft picks rather than wasting your time watching the dragged out procedure, you might want to think twice about watching Kevin Costner play his hand at getting top draft picks. If you are like Joyce and could care less, you might want to skip this one.

Costner plays Sonny Weaver Jr., general manager of the Cleveland Browns, who need to change their bad fortune in the upcoming draft. Sonny is the son of a famous GM, whom he has fired, taking over the club with an iron fist and proclaiming that his way is the only way.

For over an hour and three quarters we watch him maneuver his position, make deals and tick everyone off, including his coach (Denis Leary), owner (Frank Langella) and girlfriend/co-worker (Jennifer Garner).

Sonny has some issues with his mother (Ellen Burstyn) and girlfriend that get in his way as the clock ticks down on Draft Day. The clock, by the way, ticks down on the split screen in an attempt to make the “action” more exciting. It doesn’t work.

This is one boring movie that will be of little interest to most movie-goers. Football fans will get a chance to see great overhead shots of many NFL ballparks, but after a while they all look alike.

The final 10 minutes are interesting, as Sonny cleverly works the clock and his rival GM’s to get what he wants, but it is not worth the wait.

Rated PG-13, with a little profanity.


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