Effective Communications: To learn the skills you need to be a successful communicator


What exactly does it mean to communicate effectively? It is the ability to speak in a way that exudes confidence, clarity and a command of the spoken word. This is much more easily accomplished when one has a strong self-image. Surprisingly, the ability to communicate effectively with others unnerves many people. In fact, there are many people who are utterly paralyzed by just the thought of making small talk, participating in group discussions or speaking in front of a large audience.

Merrill Winoker, the founder of Effective Communications, started his business to help his clients overcome their fears and to feel comfortable having a conversation and connecting with others. He explains that there is no reason to fear public speaking and no need to "hide in the broom closet" anymore! Merrill has been speaking professionally his whole career and has extensively studied the theories of successful public speakers. His natural ease speaking in front of others is immediately apparent upon meeting him. This ease has come from years of building and honing his own self -image, and now, he wants to help you find your own footing and step out of that proverbial "broom closet".

There are many scenarios that require individuals to communicate effectively. Whether you are the CEO of a big company, or a tradesman trying to sell your services; whether you are the best man at a wedding who is expected to give the celebratory toast or just the host of a dinner party who needs to keep the conversation lively; or whether you are going on a first date or trying to muster the courage to ask your boss for a raise - YOU are the perfect candidate to attend one of the coaching seminars offered at Effective Communications. There are also those who want to feel more at ease when speaking English in front of others. Let Merrill Winoker and his assistant Julia Dromsky, a native of China, give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed, whatever your challenges.

Effective Communications offers a series of seminars and one-on-one coaching sessions, according to the needs of its clients. A seven week seminar is offered, as well as a three hour course that is presented on a single day. A more personalized coaching session can also be arranged. A series of confidence-building exercises are used to practice and demonstrate effective skills. One such exercise is called "Table Topics". "Table Topics" teaches the basic building blocks of a good speech. An effective speech, whether two minutes or a dynamic presentation in a board room, requires certain key points which Merrill Winoker will teach you, step by step.

For more information about how you can become more confident and effective in all your communication skills, contact Merrill Winoker today at 401-688-4741.


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