Eggroll Café 'Not your ordinary Asian cuisine'


They are crispy, flaky and decadent. They are light, crunchy and filled with ingredients that will thrill your palate. They are Asian eggrolls and best of all, they are found in all their delicious-ness, right here at Warwick's Eggroll Café.

The Eggroll Café is the brainchild and second Asian eatery for the Kit family, whose roots and culinary history originate in Cambodia. With a long legacy of unique and original family recipes that were honed and perfected over the years, the Eggroll Cafe introduces Warwick to its own style of "fast casual". This food is "fast" only in that it is purchased over the counter in just minutes - and this is where the similarity ends.

The eggrolls and specialty sauces that accompany them are made with an array of fresh ingredients and innovative, mouth-watering flavors. Created over months of taste trials, each variation of eggroll must pass the strict flavor standards of Sengly Kit, or "Auntie" (as she is affectionately called), before it makes it to the menu. Each eggroll, which resembles a smaller "spring roll" in size, is hand rolled. Each sauce is homemade and designed to compliment the flavor of a matching eggroll, but would be delicious with almost any of the twenty other flavors.

The Eggroll Café's eggrolls - and everything else served at this welcoming Asian eatery, are made from the freshest ingredients available. Each ingredient ~ from the first-rate meat to the freshly picked vegetables to each flaky shell - is of superior quality and is chosen from specific vendors, all of which are hand selected. Avoiding commercialized and processed ingredients, the products here are free of added preservatives (including NO added MSG), flavorants or colorants. If the product isn't of the utmost quality, it simply doesn't make it into the kitchen at the Eggroll Café - no exceptions.

The uncompromising standard of taste and quality here at the Eggroll Café is clear upon first bite. After you break through the crunchy, golden shell of the egg roll, you are treated to any one of these many options: the popular Crab Rangoon, the "classic" roll of pork and vegetables, the fragrant Chicken Basil, the spicy Southwestern, the vegetarian rolls, and even savory breakfast and fruit-filled dessert rolls. Simply indulgent, every one.

Many are surprised to learn that there are many items on the menu besides eggrolls at Eggroll Café, including the best selling Gao Chicken (a sweet & spicy, crispy delight), summery salads, and their award-winning curry soups. Add to this their famous fruity "bubble teas" and you have the makings of an unforgettable meal. These also make the perfect "party platter" for your next big celebration!

Eggroll Café is located on 63 Airport Road in Warwick. Hours are 11:00am to 9:00pm daily. You can place a take-out order at 921-4900 or dine in. For more information, visit them at


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