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(Teen love story)

A date movie for the Valentine’s season, “Endless Love” is at least blessed with some decent acting to carry a soppy plot that follows the formula of a poor, troubled boy falling for a rich girl with an overprotective father.

David (Alex Pettyfer) gets fired from his valet job at a posh country club when his temper gets the best of him. He is a good mechanic who settles for working in his father’s auto repair shop.

Jade (Gabriella Wilde) is an introverted, overprotected young woman whose physician father (Bruce Greenwood), still mourning the death of his son, wants Jade to follow in his footsteps, helping her get into, where else, Brown University. Jade’s other brother is constantly being put down by his father for dating below his class and wanting to major in communications. The irony is that Dad doesn’t know how to communicate, rejecting his son, pushing his daughter too hard and cheating on his wife.

While David and Jade went to the same high school, it wasn’t until their eyes met at the country club and they fell madly in love with each other. Dad disapproved vehemently and did everything in his power to break up the relationship. Mom (Joely Richardson) saw that the two were truly in love and was envious of the loving relationship that had disappeared from her marriage.

It gets a bit soppy when Mom and brother realize that Jade has brought the true meaning of love into their lives. Dad, of course, just doesn’t get it.

Can this teen love affair survive the many obstacles thrown in its path?

Will Dr. Hugh come to his senses? Can his own marriage be saved?

The writers throw a few more obstacles in their path before the rather corny ending.

“Endless Love” is a nice little movie with some decent messages for young people. Girls will drag their boyfriends to see it in return for having to sit through “Robocop.”

Rated PG-13, with some discreet sex scenes, teenage drinking (I guess that’s what was in those red cups) and a bit of profanity.


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