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Cartoon feature with beautiful drawings and messages)

While this cartoon feature is strictly for the kids, parents will be enthralled with the beautiful background drawings and the depth of the scenery, as the cinematography makes perfect use of 3D.

M.K. (voice of Amanda Seyfried), is the daughter of an awkward scientist who believes there are “little people” in the forest he is studying. She wanders into the forest, chasing her three-legged dog, when she is shrunk by a dying queen who gives her a pod that can save her species if returned to the right spot at the time of the full moon.

The lovely little people fly around on the backs of birds through a gloriously bright and colorful forest, only to be attacked by the dark reptile-like figures who want to steal the pod and destroy them. (Funny, usually the frogs are the good guys.)

M.K. is helped by the comic relief characters: a slug and a snail who are as lovable as they are slimy, and two brave Leaf Men.

There’s not a whole lot to the story, which deals with the circle of life, helping others and the value of family...all good messages for the young ones. The really young ones may be frightened by a hoard of ugly bats and some other dark creatures. Rated PG because of that.


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