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(Mindless excitement)

Stallone and Schwarzenegger, together again. This time in a mindless but at times exciting prison-escape movie.

Stallone plays Ray Breslin, co-owner of a security company that checks out the escape-proof claims of its clients. His latest challenge is handed to him by the CIA, and quickly things are not what they appear to be as the prison location is off the grid to his colleagues, who are unable to trace his whereabouts.

Ray is on his own in a prison that looks like something from outer space, with glass enclosed cells on alternating steel rods, where isolation cells are filled with bright lights.

The secret is to locate where they are (an interesting surprise) and plan what appears to be an impossible escape.

To do this, Ray enlists the help of Rottmayer (Schwarzenegger), who has his own secrets and reasons to help Ray escape. There’s lots of silly patter between the two to help break the tension. The tension is there, nowhere near as real as in “Captain Phillips,” but it will keep you guessing.

Ray emphasizes the importance of observing every detail, no matter how minute. All this leads to a completely incredible conclusion.

Have fun. Don’t take it too seriously.

Rated R, with profanity and violence.


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