Example of quid pro quo politics


To the Editor:

Recently, GoLocalProv published an editorial entitled “The House Passed the Stupidest and Most Insulting Bill - Maybe Ever.” Warwick State Representative David A. Bennett (Democrat-District 20) is the primary sponsor. This legislation is a direct hit on Rhode Island police and firefighters’ career opportunities.

Moreover it is insulting to our local public safety professionals in making the case that, in Mr. Bennett’s words, “the most qualified applicants available” are not from Rhode Island.

Rhode Islanders are still waiting for our job market to show signs of life, as there has been little evidence of economic recovery. Mr. Bennett’s bill will only make this problem worse, freezing qualified Rhode Island-born police and fire recruits out of a job while diverting more taxpayer money out of state. Rhode Islanders will continue to leave for better opportunities in other states, and who can blame them?

Mr. Bennett’s campaign has been largely funded by public sector unions, and this legislation is an obvious example of quid pro quo politics. Ironically, the everyday rank-and-file police officers and firefighters from places like Warwick are the ones who will be most adversely affected by this legislation. Is this what they get for re-electing you, David? 

Rhode Island needs a more robust jobs climate that offers the best opportunities for the most people, and good jobs in the public sector are certainly part of that. What we don’t need are empty campaign promises followed by political paybacks at the expense of hard working Rhode Islanders, and that’s what Mr. Bennett’s bill represents.

Dan Elliott


Dan Elliott was the 2016 Independent candidate for Rhode Island’s 20th House District.


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