Federal employees no better off



To the Editor:

I have been a federal employee for over 25 years. Along with my military service record of 30 years, full- and part-time, that amounts to over 55 years of experience working for the United States government. Now, many of you out there believe that we government workers lead a very wonderful life and live high on the hog with your tax money. Well, you can believe whatever you please since most of you have no idea what we do and how or why we do it. And for the record, I worked in the banking industry for 20 years full-time and I know the waste and abuse that goes on in the so-called private sector. Your work ethic out there is no better than anyone else’s.

Those of us employed in the public sector are supposedly guaranteed certain basic rights, as are those in the private sector; a right to a fair wage, a safe working environment and a right to be protected from abusive leaders and co-workers. This all sounds lovely, but means nothing if these ideals are not enforced.

I have worked in an office for the past five years, whereby I have been verbally assaulted, maligned and threatened with arrest by my co-workers. All because I am a combat veteran and considered a dangerous person by them. I have been exonerated from every charge but, as in the real world, once accused – innocence seems to just fade away and the terms labeled against one seem to linger on. Now the really interesting part of this diatribe is that there is an individual, in the office, who has gone out of his way to create a hostile work environment and has been allowed to do so with impunity. Among his many attempts to disrupt the work place is his boasting of having a book that has listed all the discrepancies he has witnessed performed by other employees. The office managers have tried to put a stop to his reign of terror, only to be blocked by the union, a term I use very loosely, and the officials in Boston who are cowards and the worst bureaucrats I have ever had the misfortune to work for.

So the next time you boast of how well off we federal employees are, come and walk in my shoes for five years, a tour of duty that will shut your big mouths for good.

John Cervone

North Providence


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