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(Vulgar, irritating garbage)

Charlie Day plays Mr. Campbell, a timid, whiny English teacher with an irritating squeaky voice, at an out-of-control high school in this vulgar, irritating piece of garbage.

It is the last day of school before summer vacation, and the students are playing pranks against each other and the teachers. When the students take a crack at Strickland (Ice Cube), an angry, violent history teacher, he reacts by wrecking the classroom.

The principal is in a firing mood, and when it comes down to Campbell or Strickland, the meek Mr. Campbell squeals on Strickland to save his own job. Strickland challenges Campbell to a fist fight in the school parking lot at 3:00 p.m.

The one-joke movie rambles on as Mr. Campbell awaits his thrashing at the hands of the muscular Strickland.

To fill in the time between the challenge and the BIG FIGHT (the movie is only an hour and a half long, but it seems like a day and a half) we watch more stupid pranks (a horse running through the corridors, a Mariachi band, a masturbation scene, penis jokes, and Campbell's pre-teen daughter singing a naughty song at her school talent show. (How does Hollywood get away with putting the F word in the mouths of young children?)

Mr. Campbell finally reaches his breaking point, deciding to no longer be Mr. Nice Guy and rebelling against the system.

The bloody fight happens and somewhere in all this there is supposed to be a message about standing up and "being a man.” If you haven't had enough by then, there are some dumb outtakes during the credits.

Rated an enormous R, with constant profanity, drug use, violence, sex and just plain vulgarity.

Note: After seeing this awful movie and writing my review, I read a review in another paper, giving it four stars. As someone who disagreed with me on another review once said, "Were we at the same movie?"


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