Folly of a ‘con-con’


To the Editor:

Proponents of a Constitutional Convention say our Constitution needs a tune-up to make Rhode Island work better. They also suggest that the only people opposing this measure are the politicians themselves. Please! What makes anyone think that revising the Constitution will cause those who ignore it today to do any differently tomorrow? Proponents paint a glowing picture of ridding Rhode Island of corruption, but they are vague on the specific changes they would like to see. I suggest that in the most liberal state in the union, what we are likely to see are direct attacks on the Bill of Rights – cloaked in the perverse guise of promoting civil liberties, no less.

Granted, Rhode Island’s Constitution needs some editing. It contains items that do not belong there at all, like the tawdry gambling amendments we are also being asked to approve. These things belong in the General Laws, not the State Constitution. But to open the entire Constitution up to revision – which is what a “con-con” will do – would be the height of folly in the political climate that dominates this state. There is a reason they call it a “con-con.”

Dean Fachon

East Greenwich


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