For customer-driven service and expert workmanship: Quaker Transmissions


For all your transmission, clutch, and drive train repair work, Quaker Transmissions in West Warwick is the place to go when looking for honest, knowledgeable and customer-driven service.

Quaker Transmissions on Tiogue Avenue was established in 1990 by longtime technicians Rob George and John O'Hara. George and O'Hara are experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians who know transmissions better than they know just about anything. In their long careers, dating back to the early 70's, they have serviced every kind of transmission in vehicles of every make, model and year. At any given time, there might be anything from an old Cadillac or a new SUV in one of their bays. Transmissions are their first language; it's what they do with expertise, skilled workmanship and mostly, with complete honesty and integrity. The unwavering confidence and 100% satisfaction of their customers is truly their singular priority.

At this time of year, Rob and John warn that your vehicle is highly susceptible to damage as it is exposed to both extreme cold and treacherous driving conditions. There may not be any snow on the ground yet, but winter is coming. Be prepared! Driving in snow, ice, wet and cold creates a great challenge for vehicles and drivers alike. Keeping your vehicle in good condition can greatly reduce your overall risk of accident or breakdown and can give you the assurity that your vehicle can handle the unpredictable conditions of winter driving.

There may be times when you notice signs of trouble, such as when you see leaking transmission fluid, when your vehicle is slow to respond to shifting gears, when the "service engine" light comes on, or when your vehicle shakes and makes that dreaded grinding sound as you travel, especially in the snow. If your car is experiencing any of these symptoms - do not delay or second-guess yourself; bring it to the team of experts at Quaker Transmission and ensure the safety and road-worthiness of your vehicle for the days ahead.

Quaker Transmissions provides outstanding repair work for electronic, axle, 4 x 4, and transmission problems, as well as performs expert clutch replacements and repair on all automobiles and light trucks, both foreign and domestic. They handle all automatic and manual transmissions, and provide the ever-important preventive maintenance work to extend the life of your transmission. Quaker Transmissions offers free road tests and estimates on most cars (a minimal labor cost is involved if the transmission must be removed from the vehicle). They also welcome extended warrantees, handle fleet maintenance accounts, and are available for towing.

Quaker Transmissions is located at 67 Tiogue Avenue, Route 3, in West Warwick. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. and on Saturdays by appointment only. To contact them, Quaker Transmissions can be reached at 826-2800 (Fax 823-8310).


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