Former Warwick bus to provide new link between St. Kevin, Hendricken


St. Kevin School has its first ever school bus, which it bought recently at auction from the city for $1,000.

The bus that the School Department declared as surplus and turned back to the city when it contracted for bus services is reportedly in good condition, though its age and mileage were not reported.

Not only did the school get the bus, but also $5,000 to buy it and keep it on the road. Local attorney John T. Carroll announced the donation at a ceremony Monday outside the school.

Students, parents, faculty members, as well as Mayor Scott Avedisian were in attendance to hear how the bus will enable the school to expand its program. Father Robert Marciano, pastor of St. Kevin Church, opened the event with a few words about the benefits that the new bus will bring to St. Kevin.

“This is a great opportunity for us to form a bond with Hendricken, as it will allow for our middle school students to travel back and forth,” he said.

Marciano, a graduate of Hendricken, met with the school’s president, John Jackson, before the school year and was able to put together an alliance program between the two schools. Hendricken has offered its facilities, ranging from the gym to the theatre, and subject area facilities for St. Kevin’s use, so long as the spaces and times are available.

“We believe that this program will help prepare our students for any high school they attend in the future, private or public,” St. Kevin Principal Roger Parent said.

Before handing the microphone over to other speakers, Father Marciano gave way to the school chorus, who gathered in front of the bus and sang the song, “For the Fruits of This Creation” in celebration of their gift.

Hendricken Principal Joseph “Jay” Brennan spoke about the bus as a symbol of the direction he sees St. Kevin heading in.

“This is a new dawn for St. Kevin,” he said, citing the bus as an opportunity for students at St. Kevin to begin to get ready for high school. “This bus is a symbol of where this school is going – nowhere but up.”

Mayor Avedisian echoed Brennan’s enthusiasm, saying,

“It is an honor to see St. Kevin headed in the right direction.”

John T. Carroll, the “man with the $5,000 check,” as he was jokingly introduced, said he was happy to donate the money to what he feels is a worthy cause.

“I’m glad to be a part of it and help out,” he said.

The bus has a seating capacity of 29. It will be repainted from its original yellow to the school’s colors of blue and white, and will also contain a reference to the alliance it has with Bishop Hendricken.

Carroll also plans to put a warning and advertisement on the back of the bus.

The warning will read: “Don’t hit this bus” and include Carroll’s photograph and the name and number of his law firm.

“Maybe this will get me halfway into heaven,” he joked yesterday.


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