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(Based on Oscar Grant’s tragic death)

Warwick Showcase has picked up this frightening tale based on the tragic killing of Oscar Grant, a young, unemployed black man out with his friends on New Year’s Eve 2009.

While the movie isn’t always pleasant to watch, the story emphasizes the difficulties in growing up black. We know from the actual footage at the beginning that Grant is going to die at the hands of the Transit Police at Fruitvale Station in Oakland, Calif. The movie then provides us with some background material about Grant, who is played by Michael B. Jordan. Octavia Spencer plays his mother.

Grant is shown as a good man who has a difficult time providing for his girlfriend and young daughter. He loses his job for being late. He spends some time in jail for selling drugs. We also get a glimpse at his love of family and animals. But on that fateful day, the deck is stacked against him.

This is a very sad movie that will make you stop and think. It is the type of movie that does better at film festivals where quality overshadows entertainment.

Rated R for violence, profanity and drug use.


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