'Frustrated' firefighters reject offer


The relationship between the City of Warwick and the Warwick Fire Department is significantly strained, based on statements from the fire department union’s president and the fact that a tentative agreement (TA) for the 2019-21 collective bargaining agreement between the two was “overwhelming” voted down by the union rank and file last week.

The development came as bad news to Mayor Joseph Solomon, who has outlined a looming fiscal storm over Warwick since his State of the City address in February posited a possible $18 million deficit for the fiscal year that begins on July 1 and a $7.4 million hole that must be addressed to close out the current year that concludes at the end of June.

“I am extremely disappointed with the decision of the majority of the rank-and-file not to approve the two-year, tentative agreement that was reached after many discussions between my administration and the Union’s executive board,” he said in a press release issued after the decision. “Both parties negotiated in good faith in an effort to realize critically important cost savings for the taxpayers in these very challenging fiscal times, to correct mistakes of the past, and to forge a new, positive path forward for the department and the city.”

Solomon had touted to media outlets prior to the TA going before the union that the arrangement asked the firefighters to accept no raises for either 2020 or 2021, which he argued “would have saved well in excess of $2 million for the taxpayers.”

Additionally, Solomon said last week that the agreement included various changes to contract language that had caused issues in the past, such as a provision that changed the value of unused sick days that firefighters could cash in and the frequency at which they could cash them in – a provision that had changed without council approval through an apparent “side deal.” It would also have clarified pension “language that was left ambiguous in a previous contract, which recently resulted in an arbitrator award in favor of the fire department.

“I would also note that the recent arbitration decision regarding the Tier II pensions cost the taxpayers in excess of $2.6 million in savings,” Solomon said in the release. “This vote only exacerbates these costs to the taxpayers going forward. The majority’s vote means that other departments will have to sacrifice further to cover these expenses. It will also greatly restrict our ability to fund the fire department’s requests for new equipment and additional personnel going forward.”

Firefighters “frustrated”

Reached for comment on Friday, fire union president Michael Carreiro said that emotions within the rank and file regarding a perception they are being blamed for the city’s financial woes could have contributed to the TA being voted down by a considerable margin. He declined to reveal the exact number of votes in favor and against, but maintained it was a “significant majority” that voted nay.

“I know there is probably frustration from the members who think they're paying for the previous administration's mistakes,” he said. “I think that may have added to it.”

When asked if the mayor’s decision to air the details of the TA to the media prior to the vote occurring later in the week had a negative impact on the rank and file, Carreiro didn’t deny the possibility.

“I think that probably might have added to the already running high emotions and frustrations with everything that's going on,” he said. “It's a possibility, it could have had an impact.”

In response to the statements made by Solomon regarding the pension arbitration issue costing the city additional money, Carreiro said that the fire department is not to blame for following the language of the contract, but that it was the city’s problem for not clarifying the language and incorporating it into the agreement – which ultimately led to the arbitrator’s decision falling in their favor.

“I don't know how we're being portrayed as the villains when we're just going by the terms of the collective bargaining agreement,” he said.

In regards to Solomon’s statements regarding city department’s making concessions to weather the financial storm brewing, Carreiro pointed to the fire department committing to taking no raises throughout the 2012-15 collective bargaining agreement. He said that two more years of no raises, amounting to five out of seven years with no raises, was something the rank and file was not prepared to commit to.

The collective bargaining agreement for the 2018-19 year is awaiting an arbitration award, which Carreiro said is about “three quarters” of the way to completion. He estimated the decision was still a “few months” out. That leaves the 2019-21 deal, which at this point is dead in the water and also bound for arbitration unless the city and fire department resume talks.

“I think we have to continue building the relationship to move forward and being fiscally responsible and try to work together in getting a collective bargaining agreement to move forward,” said Carreiro.

Solomon indicated in his release that further financial investigation into the Warwick Fire Department would be initiated. The mayor’s office did not respond to requests for comment after the press release was sent out.

“Given this setback and the financial impact this will bring on the city, I will be commissioning a fire department study to determine if there are operational and other costs savings that can be realized in order to continue to provide the fire services that the citizens of Warwick expect and deserve,” Solomon stated.


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“I don't know how we're being portrayed as the villains when we're just going by the terms of the collective bargaining agreement,” he said.

Well, helping to bring the city into bankruptcy kind of makes you villains. Your abuse of the sick time/shift swaps kind of makes you villains. Everybody generally likes firefighters but you are pushing it. The city needs you to help. Step up and stop being so greedy and short sighted. If the city goes down, your pensions go down with it.

Tuesday, May 14

"screw you, I got mine!"

-bumper sticker on Warwick fire truck

Tuesday, May 14

Let's examine the budgetary facts behind this firefighter union President's statement: "Carreiro pointed to the fire department committing to taking no raises throughout the 2012-15 collective bargaining agreement. He said that two more years of no raises, amounting to five out of seven years with no raises, was something the rank and file was not prepared to commit to".

Personnel Services Line Item for Firefighter Budget (Includes all base salary and all other compensation, plus healthcare & pension benefits)

2012 Cost $35,774,726

2013 Cost $37,890,375 +$2,115,649 from prev year or 5.9% increase - percent chg from base year 5.9%

2014 Cost $37,981,225 +$90,850 from prev year or 0.2% increase - percent chg from base year 6.17%

2015 Cost $39,256,882 +1,275,657 from prev year or 3.4% increase - percent chg from base year 9.73%

2016 Cost $44,579,398 +5,322,516 from prev year or 13.6% increase - percent chg from base year 24.6%

2017 Cost $44,788,245 +208,847 from prev year or 0.5% increase - percent chg from base year 25.2%

2018 Cost $46,835,506 + 2,047,261 from prev year or 4.6% increase - percent chg from base year 30.9%

Compensation should not be measured by simply whether base wages were increased year over year. Over the three year period 2012-2015 when total firefighter compensation is calculated covering salary and benefits, the overall increased in firefighter compensation was $3,482,156 or 9.73%.

Taking this analysis forward through the 2018 fiscal year, overall firefighter compensation increased by $11,060,780 from the 2012 base year or a 30.9% increase. That averages to 5.2% increase over the 6 years.

Tuesday, May 14

Mr. Cushman,

What are the police numbers for the exact same time frame? Also consider they are staffed much different than the Fire Department. Also you failed to mention that in 2016 the department hired 28 extra floaters. These are all gone. How much had employee contributions to Pensions and Healthcare gone up in these 7 years. It’s very easy to cherrypick numbers Bob.

Tuesday, May 14
can't believe it

The WFD should be blamed for Warwick's fiscal woes. The WFD is greedy and the taxpayers finally realize it. Their sense of entitlement is nauseating.

Solomon now has a chance to redeem himself( his first contract was a joke) by demanding major changes in the new fire contracts. He has to eliminate pension COLAs and lifetime healthcareinstitute, 403 pensions that will save the taxpayers millions,put a stop to overtime abuses etc.

The taxpayers can no longer afford the WFD. The firefighters just haven't accepted it.

Tuesday, May 14

Flexi Bull: Did you click on the wrong article? This article is specifically on the firefighters contract. I performed an analysis to disprove the statement that your union president made that you have not been provided with an increase in compensation 2 out of 3 years from 2012 - 2015.

You ask, "How much had employee contributions to Pensions and Healthcare gone up in these 7 years"? Do you realize that taxpayers contribution are twice as high as any increase you make to your pension. Avedisian refereed to the taxpayers as the pension system's "Self-correcting mechanism".

In 2016, 6 firefighters retired after contributing $750,000 into the pension system. Using the Fire II 3% automatic compound COLA, they will receive over $11 million in benefits in the next 20 years. You think that's sustainable?

The bottom line is that overall compensation for firefighters has increased every year from 2012 - 2018.

If you have the numbers to prove me wrong, please post them.

Tuesday, May 14

Mr. Cushman,

The presided not say “compensation” he said raises. 5 out of 7 years with no raises. Your comparing apples to oranges. Regardless of how you try to spin it, Firefighters are taking home less every year. I don’t disagree something needs to give. Solomon thanked the other unions for their help. Is he serious, they are all getting 2.75% and 3 % raises next month. He is an idiot

Tuesday, May 14

Sorry my computer is wacko. Should say “President did not say”

Tuesday, May 14

Trying to spin it? Arguing that by not receiving an annual raise is the ultimate spin.

You need to look at total compensation, which includes your healthcare and pension benefits. That's comparing apples to apples.

We can nit pick any line item and create a grievance when in 1 year it decreases.

The fairest way to measure if firefighters compensation has steadily increased is to include salary and benefits, period!

Tuesday, May 14
can't believe it

The taxpayers can't afford the WFD....that's no spin.

Tuesday, May 14

Stacia has your house sold yet ? Move already and shut the &%$# up. No wonder your husband left you !!!!

You are so nauseating.

Tuesday, May 14
Fed up

You will all notice that the comments that are made on this site that are from the "anonymous hero's" are all made in the context of bullying. They are bully's, collusionists, schemers, and pigs at the trough. Not only are they afraid to reveal who they are, they want to portray an ideology that they are better than you and that YOU owe THEM something because of their self pronounced heroism. When you call them out with fact, they attack the messenger in true bully form.

Mayor Lombardi is correct. Take the beds out of the stations, get rid of the perks, and treat them as the blue collar workers that they are.

Tuesday, May 14

Fed up name one firefighter who has called themselves a hero. Name just one please. It's you and the rest who call them that pay attention.

The public adores them so please try and privatize and the level of service will be atrocious. The public will hang the mayor.

The public love the fire department no matter what any of the experts say.

Also p!ease p!ease cut apparatus. Let the 9 buffoons on the council decide who loses an engine or ladder in there district because it doing so their political career is over.

So p!ease try and take one because it won't happen.

Tuesday, May 14
Fed up

It is that arrogant attitude precisely why your profession is loosing credibility and being called out for the thieves that they are.

Tuesday, May 14

We are tired of the relentless negativity from everyone is the issue. You are stereotyping us all into a group without knowing any of us.

You've call me a thief and a thug which I find interesting.

If I'm a thief why have i never been arrested in my life? If I'm a thug why haven't i gotten my ass kicked ?

I'm retired Fed Up but one word to you ...... EVERGREEN

Tuesday, May 14
Fed up

You just proved my point.

Wednesday, May 15

It amazes me that you expect the FD to close this deficit after this city council ratified 2 contracts last year for police and municipal.

Everyone says close fire stations, less manpower blah blah blah and again what ward will be willing to cut one ? My answer is none.

I live here, sent my daughters to our public schools and here is where the problem is.

When they went class sizes were bigger, more students attended, wenhad various elementary, middle and high schools.

Since then we’ve closed schools on all levels but they school department comes back every year for millions !!!!! Yes the state doesn’t contribute as much but where are the savings???????????

So everyone’s answer is cut FF, close stations. If the schools department can’t do it what makes anyone think another department can?

I absolutely know every department including the FD can tighten the strings but to me it’s not the police, municipal or PD that is causing all the issues.

Let’s start with Mayor dumbass and the council forgoing there salaries and healthcare that’s a savings. Lead by example let’s everyone see they are serious about cuts.

Any savings is good savings correct ?

Most employees of this city have tonwork 20+ years for healthcare theses dopes work a couple of terms.

I’ve nwver agreed with this and look at the mess we are supposedly in with them being a part of it .

My irritation is brought by 36 years in the fire profession with many many hardworking well intended people doing a dangerous job and I’m sorry but I’m not going to stand by and be continuously called names and be made to look like a criminal and neither would most of you critics.

If you loved your job as much as I did you would defend your career and all it stood for andbthats what I’m choosing to do.

I can be just as sarcastic as all of you so play clean and maybe we will also.

Wednesday, May 15

Sorry about some typos I was writing by cell phone.

Wednesday, May 15
Fed up

Perfect example of the "hero" bully. (Among many examples)


Stacia has your house sold yet ? Move already and shut the &%$# up. No wonder your husband left you !!!!

You are so nauseating.


Wednesday, May 15
More then enough

Does anyone dispute the facts laid out in these comments that Warwick firefighter's have received very, very generous compensation from 2012 to 2018 - to the point that they have been over compensated straining the city budget and resulting in substantial tax increases and deficits?

Asking for a friend!

Wednesday, May 15
Poor firefighter


Wednesday, May 15

As far as I know, Stacia was married not long ago, resulting in her last name change. It's wrong to say things like who left who especially when it's not true. Stick to the issue.

Wednesday, May 15

This is a problem that can't and won't be solved!

Myself, I see the FF side (police and teachers get this and that so we should too) and I also see the taxpayer side, that is why I say it will never be solved.

If the numbers cited by others are even close to accurate, this is shameful. I look at the (6) FF that retired in 2016 and paid in $750,000 and will collect $11,000,000 over the next 20 years? And there is a really good chance that they will live longer than 20 years.

Those numbers don't even make sense, it's like a legal give-a-way.

As I said, I understand both sides and this is a blaring message that any level of Government cannot successfully manage any aspect of a business, just kick the can down the road and let the next guy deal with it!

Now it's time to pay the piper, more taxes!

This makes more that a strong case that they should be privatized.

Wednesday, May 15
Joe K

Just for quick math if you said the WFD total budget was $ 30,000,000 including salaries , pension contributions and health care .And for sake of argument put that entire bill solely on residential taxes it would equate to about ONE dollar a day per resident . When taking in consideration commercial taxes that rate drops considerably. So I’m not sure how the FD is the problem in the city when it comes to finances.

Wednesday, May 15


Can you tell me one city this size that has a privatized fire service? Honest question, I haven’t ever seen that.

Wednesday, May 15
Long Over Due

The GREEDY WFD has outlived their usefulness to the taxpayers. Time to privatize the WFD.

Wednesday, May 15

Privatization is not a valid option.

Wednesday, May 15
Cut benefits

All citywide pension and free lifetimes healthcare for employee and spouse need to reduced drastically to save millions of dollars.

That money needs to be reallocated back into city services that include purchasing new fire, police and dpw vehicles and equipment. Capital Improvement projects for infrastructure needs.

Active teacher expenses need to be slashed by the millions and reallocated back into non-salary and benefit costs such as janitorial services in schools.

Warwick raises enough revenue through its property taxes.

City and school leaders need to re-prioritize the needs back into services not making employees multi-millionaires for 25 years of work.

Wednesday, May 15

Maybe the Solomon administration should look at the WHOLE city to close the budget gaps, not just the Fire Department. Hey, the council approved the robbing of the teachers pension, idiotic choice. They should also bargain in good faith, not spill the beans to the anti-labor media outlets in this state BEFORE the union votes on it. Very poor judgement on the mayor's part. He has been an integral part of politics in this city for 20 years, he KNOWS what's been going on (and been part of it) and continually tries to pass the buck! Again, a very poor decision on his part. "Frustrated" firefighters? Yeah ! I would be too gvien the rotten treatment the current administration and a small guerilla group of taxpayers has unleashed on them. Keep fighting guys ! I'm in your corner.

Wednesday, May 15

JamesBruder... The short answer to your question is none. there is not one privatized FF department.

However, and I'm not poking the FF's directly, but going forward where is all the money going to come from?

I'm not saying they have a racket, but, if they put their time in and still at an early age want to retire, get the golden cash cow, they will live exceptionally better than most in any profession.

I will state one fact here that the average person overlooks. I work my but off, have done well and I now work with those who are much lower on the totem pole than I am. The difference, they chose a second career and to cash in from the generous benefits which now puts them well over $250,000 a year. That is a fact my friend.

Why can't I get those type of benefits in private industry?

Wednesday, May 15

JamesBruder... The short answer to your question is none. there is not one privatized FF department.

However, and I'm not poking the FF's directly, but going forward where is all the money going to come from?

I'm not saying they have a racket, but, if they put their time in and still at an early age want to retire, get the golden cash cow, they will live exceptionally better than most in any profession.

I will state one fact here that the average person overlooks. I work my but off, have done well and I now work with those who are much lower on the totem pole than I am. The difference, they chose a second career and to cash in from the generous benefits which now puts them well over $250,000 a year. That is a fact my friend.

Why can't I get those type of benefits in private industry?

Wednesday, May 15

Lol, there isn’t a fireman in Warwick making $250,000 a year.

Wednesday, May 15

Stacia and Cote (aka "can't believe it and Fed Up" are the two biggest BULLIES in the city. A couple of mentally disturbed cry babies who have no qualms with picking on people and families who have done nothing to them. Hiding behind screen names and social media pages pretending to care about people in this city when all they care about getting vengeance on those they feel personally victimized by.

I was a regular viewer of the warwick watch page but what that page and Cote did to that family a few months ago was disgusting. They deserve what they get.

I have seen them call firefighters losers, scumbags, greedy and all kinds of names. They are the bullies. There is a reason the vast majority of this city hates both of them.

Wednesday, May 15

Sometimes watchdogs can also be "bullies" at times. But really, can you debate that Warwick has a Category 5 financial storm? Just like Cicciline leaving prov saying it was in good shape, only to find out it was a "category 5 financial storm" Avedisian left Warwick (without even finishing his term) saying it was all good, only to in reality have the same Category 5 financial storm for the next mayor to deal with. The parallels between Avedisian and Cicciline eerily similar regarding city fiscal shape they left.

Getting Warwick through this will require something reasonable from taxpayers and labor alike. But the watchdogs look like they were onto something all along. To deny that would be ludicrous, at this point.

Thursday, May 16

JamesBruder, do a follow up on the retired ones my friend.

Also, and I don't blame them if they are doing it, but I'm sure all the FF's who are doing side jobs are claiming and paying taxes on all the added income?

OR, do I just know the aggressive FF's and you only know the lazy ones?

Thursday, May 16


Are we in a financial mess? The Mayor says we are but nobody has seen and audit to render his truthfulness.

To me it’s just chatter I need to see factual results not him just mentioning it.

Absolutely all labor will do there part I’m sure but our mayor has to be honest.

Thursday, May 16


Keep on with your agenda if it makes you “Happy”. I know plenty of retired guys and girls. None them make less than half of what you are saying. But good day to you I’m done with your lies. Unless you have facts? Didn’t think so

Thursday, May 16

JamesBruder, just to add another tid bit of info.

I don't know what the 2018 earnings for the FF's was, but, This paper, the Beacon did a piece 10 years ago that there were 32 firefighters in $100,000 club.

Wonder what that number is now 10 years later?

Wonder what the total earnings are from those who do side jobs also?

Just saying? But good for them, they earned it!

Thursday, May 16


Yes Overtime is very high right now. The city hasn’t hired in 3 years. In fact they budgeted last year for 212 firefighters. Yet there are only 185 right now. That’s over 3 million not spent on salary and benefits. The mayor is in charge of keeping the $100,000 guys down. He is choosing to pay OT.

Thursday, May 16

Jimmy, Thank you for being honest.

I know some who are raking in some serious money, but good for them, they earned it!

To be honest, I think a lot of the guys don't want the Mayor to hire more FF's so they can keep with the OT and enjoy some perks for their families as a result of their labor.

Nothing wrong with that!

Thursday, May 16

Jimmy, One last comment here.

It is a double edge sword for the rank and file if the Mayor goes out and hires an additional 27 FF's.

The upside is Gina will love the Mayor for adding 27 jobs for RI.

The downside, the FF's in the rank and file will take one hell of a pay cut when the loose a good chunk of OT!

I've been down that road in the past and I can tell you first hand that families establish home budgets that include that OT.

I have seen many a person whine to no end when they loose the OT, it is a rude awakening! Trust me.

Thursday, May 16


Overtime should NEVER be considered part of your normal pay. When it happens some guys like to work extra. But your an idiot if you spend beyond your means because of Overtime. Me personally, I like knowing I’m going home at night. I like to plan time with my family. Remember Overtime is not a bonus, for every dollar made it was time at work. If you want to spend your like at the station go ahead, you will find most don’t want a ton of overtime. IMHO.

Thursday, May 16

Jimmy, These days is the OT mandated or voluntary?

(If they volunteer, they "ARE" chasing cash! Don't be fooled even if they say otherwise. It will be a serious wake-up call when they see their paycheck with no OT).

If it is all mandated then they don't want the OT and the money would be a bonus as you stated.

Thursday, May 16


Don’t take this the wrong way but you don’t seem to have a great grasp as to how we are staffed. No one is “chasing cash”. No one is going to go bankrupt when the OT ends. I have been around a long time and no one lives off of Overtime. As for the voluntary or mandated. We have staffing levels that need to be met. Every day we are 5 to 10 people short of those levels. We are mandated to fill those spots. There are plenty of times when firefighters are “ordered” to work. Meaning. If your kid had a birthday party and you are ordered to work, you are going to miss the party. You don’t have a choice. Again your misconception that guys will be hurting when OT ends is completely false.

Thursday, May 16


OT has been part and parcel of the job for a while now. Of course it is factored into the financial decision-making of a family. It is money coming in and if it were to stop coming in, it would affect the family. It isn't just a small dollar amount. It is rather substantial. I think it is stranger to believe that WFD just banks the OT and is happy to have some additional money in their savings account. There are many things that I agree with you on but this one is not one of them. OT is ingrained in the WFD at this point. The money is not an unexpected surprise. It is part of the work schedule.

Also, there are many private sector jobs that employees are called in during non-scheduled hours. While I understand that it does create issues with your personal life, you are not the only occupation where that occurs. I doubt anyone goes into a job like that not understanding that is part of the job.

Thursday, May 16


It absolutely is not part of the expected pay. You are 100% incorrect. But I guess you know better. I have no clue about your last paragraph, it makes no sense to me. I was answering a question about mandating. I answered yes, sometimes you are forced to work against your will. Again you have zero clue why there is even OT. It’s because the city is down 40 people. If they hire most of the OT will go away, and no one will be upset. Trust me.

Thursday, May 16

Cat, You are 100% correct.

There is only one person who is earning the money but there are two who decide how to spend it, that is life.

I have experienced many times when the OT is cut off, families suffer for poor budgeting when the OT dries up, especially if it has been going on for quite some time, families now put that in the budget.

Sadly, the litmus test here is for the Mayor to hire the additional "40"(?) and cut out the OT.

Now see how many had rainy day money put away?

I will say that if the OT money dries up there will even be a few divorces as family tensions rise, and that will happen as they are no different that any other worker in another job.

Been there, saw that first hand!

Thursday, May 16

Cat and Happy,

The mayor should save the $250,000 and hire you two, you seem to know everything about the fire department. Lol

Thursday, May 16

Jimmy, What we should do is negotiate the contract for the FF"s, we would have everyone in the rank and files best interest at heart, not any one person. Let that settle in.

Thursday, May 16


I agree 100%, we are ready and wiling to talk and make a fair deal for all. The guy in the corner office needs to want to do the same. Until then we will always provide top notch service you all deserve

Thursday, May 16

By the way folks,

Solomon put a stop to the unused sick pay scheme at the end of May. You all remember, that scheme was concocted as part of a secret side deal so the firefighters could abscond more pay than what was agreed upon in the contract. Interestingly enough, the latest records show that beginning on June 1st, the amount of sick outs doubled, and that trend continued until the end of the year. 1410 regular sick days taken. It is clear by the reports that these sick days are revolving, mostly from the newer members, as a way to drive overtime for the guys that got caught scheming the tax payers dollars.

With so many people taking so many sick days one would think that there must be an ebola virus in the department. Maybe thats why the mayor is allocating $250,000, to route out the virus.

Thursday, May 16

Bobby The qualified captain,

I think you should demand another FD Audit be done. The last one you did is still hidden in Merollas car after it proved none of what you claimed. But keep on trying buddy. One of these days you might be right.

Thursday, May 16

This is the list of members getting the monthly sick pay bonus which averages $42,000.00 per month in payouts. Bear in mind, not one day of attendance or lack of attendance is accountable by any electronic means (time clock). Last two figures is the amount paid and the amount of days left in the members bank. As of this date, department wide, there is approximately 22510 days in the bank with a net value of $10,960,814.00 Not one penny of that is included or tracked as a liability. 2019 wages, 1929 accounting methods.


3146 ALBRO, CHRISTOPHER 140.0000 8.0000 $ 3,215.96 140.0000

3147 ALSFELD, WILLIAM 140.0000 5.0000 $ 3,928.59 140.0000

2933 ANDERSEN, ERIK 140.0000 4.0000 $ 4,982.37 139.0000

3900 ANDERSON, BRIAN 140.0000 4.0000 $ 4,130.51 140.0000

3433 ANDREWS, DANIEL 140.0000 7.0000 $ 3,490.05 140.0000

2934 ANDREWS, DAVID JR 140.0000 8.0000 $ 3,581.41 139.0000

3763 ANDREWS, ETHAN 139.8200 7.0000 $ 3,156.80 140.0000

3901 ANGILLY, DAVID 140.0000 13.0000 $ 1,493.08 140.0000

3430 ANGILLY, PETER 140.0000 6.0000 $ 3,655.59 139.0000

1437 BARLOW, BRYAN 140.0000 6.0000 $ 4,554.85 140.0000

3142 BERTHIAUME, TODD 139.2300 3.0000 $ 3,895.14 140.0000

3570 BOGOSSIAN, GERARD 134.5000 13.0000 $ 335.27 138.6667

4275 BOYNTON JR., MICHAEL 140.0000 1.0000 $ 4,265.95 140.0000

3764 BOYNTON SR., MICHAEL 140.0000 2.0000 $ 4,517.73 140.0000

2494 BRADLEY, DANIEL 140.0000 3.3333 $ 4,228.26 140.0000

2666 BRADLEY, THOMAS 140.0000 4.0000 $ 4,831.28 139.0000

2495 BRADY, THOMAS 140.0000 3.0000 $ 4,760.29 140.0000

0264 BUBAR JR., ROBERT 140.0000 2.0000 $ 6,076.19 140.0000

3765 CABRAL, MICHAEL 140.0000 0.0000 $ 4,791.81 140.0000

0267 CAHOON, STEVEN 140.0000 5.0000 $ 456.81 0.0000

3565 CAMPAGNA III, VINCENT 140.0000 1.0000 $ 4,512.06 140.0000

3766 CAMPBELL, JOHN 140.0000 5.0000 $ 4,038.22 140.0000

2496 CAPWELL, SCOTT 140.0000 1.0000 $ 2,533.45 0.0000

3431 CARREIRO, MICHAEL 139.5000 4.0000 $ 4,078.42 140.0000

4276 CARVALHO, MICHAEL 140.0000 8.6600 $ 3,223.27 138.6667

3767 CEMBOR, ROBERT 140.0000 1.0000 $ 4,959.16 140.0000

2933 CHARPENTIER, JASON 140.0000 5.0000 $ 4,518.84 139.0000

0278 CIESYNSKI, MICHAEL 140.0000 2.0000 $ 2,464.94 0.0000

0279 CLARK, MICHAEL 140.0000 3.0000 $ 2,196.59 0.0000

1285 COBB, BRIAN 140.0000 22.0000 $ 4,070.10 124.3334

4277 CONLEY, KYLE 140.0000 1.0000 $ 4,750.85 140.0000

3902 CRAVEN, NOAH 140.0000 9.0000 $ 3,047.69 139.0000

3768 CROWLEY, PATRICK 140.0000 6.0000 $ 4,102.18 139.0000

2497 CULLEN, STEVEN 138.9200 3.0000 $ 4,299.52 140.0000

3904 DANELLA, ROBERT 140.0000 0.0000 $ 4,512.06 140.0000

3560 DEFUSCO, MICHAEL 140.0000 3.0000 $ 4,698.56 139.0000

3441 DEROBBIO, DANIEL 140.0000 6.0000 $ 3,614.30 140.0000

2685 DOAR, PHILIP 139.8400 53.0000 $ 456.81 0.0000

3141 DUNLAEVY, HENRIK 140.0000 12.9967 $ 1,848.26 139.3334

2668 ERBAN, JASON 140.0000 2.0000 $ 2,002.67 0.0000

3907 ERKKINEN, ANDREW 121.1400 3.0000 $ - 136.440

3558 FARIAS, MICHAEL 140.0000 2.0000 $ 4,265.95 140.0000

3434 FAUCHER, JONATHAN 139.4400 6.0000 $ 4,334.35 139.0000

1439 FONTENAULT, MARCEL 132.1700 0.0000 $ - 150.4702

3150 FRANCIS, SETH 140.0000 5.0000 $ 4,183.49 140.0000

3769 FRENCH, KYLE 139.9200 6.0000 $ 3,654.50 139.0000

2938 FURY, JASON 139.9200 3.0000 $ 5,018.55 139.0000

4280 GIBLIN, THOMAS 140.0000 3.0000 $ 4,072.34 140.0000

2669 GOUVEIA, ALAN 139.5100 2.0000 $ 5,095.52 140.0000

3438 GUERCIA, STEPHEN 139.4100 5.0000 $ 4,312.31 139.0000

0363 HANDY, STEVEN 140.0000 1.0000 $ 2,601.96 0.0000

4281 HEROUX, MICHAEL 140.0000 4.0000 $ 3,960.77 140.0000

3771 IAMARONE, SCOTT 138.8400 12.0000 $ 1,872.02 139.0000

3772 JENSEN, SCOTT 140.0000 1.0000 $ 4,610.98 140.0000

0375 JESSOP, THOMAS 140.0000 0.0000 $ 1,210.63 0.0000

0378 JORDAN, JAMES 140.0000 0.0000 $ 2,807.50 0.0000

3773 KAPALKA, STEVEN 140.0000 2.0000 $ 5,056.08 140.0000

0386 LAMIROY, MARC 140.0000 7.0000 $ 4,149.44 138.0001

4435 LAVOIE, GARY 119.5000 7.0000 $ - 130.8002

2673 LECLAIR, CHRISTOPHER 139.2800 0.0000 $ 2,206.95 0.0000

3774 LEMAY JR., NORMAND 140.0000 3.0000 $ 4,469.45 140.0000

2499 LETOURNEAU, PAUL 140.0000 6.0000 $ 4,503.18 140.0000

3909 LIBRIZZI, CHRISTOPHER 140.0000 8.0000 $ 2,887.72 139.6667

3559 LUSIGNAN JR., GEORGE 140.0000 16.0000 $ 3,226.01 132.000

0073 MAHONEY, DAVID 139.4200 0.0000 $ 2,818.76 0.0000

3442 MARRIOT, KENNETH 140.0000 3.0000 $ 4,178.36 140.0000

2675 MATTESON, MICHAEL 140.0000 4.0000 $ 5,932.06 139.0000

0075 MAXFIELD, JAMES 140.0000 1.0000 $ 2,246.00 0.0000

4283 MAYMON, THOMAS C 140.0000 2.0000 $ 4,265.95 140.0000

3432 MCALLISTER, MICHAEL 140.0000 3.0000 $ 4,265.95 139.0000

0397 MCGUIRE, JEFFREY 140.0000 0.0000 $ 6,321.46 140.0000

0060 MELLO, ANTHONY 136.3000 3.0000 $ 3,525.85 140.0000

2500 MERNICK JR., FREDERICK 140.0000 2.3333 $ 4,747.08 139.0000

2501 MERNICK, MICHAEL 140.0000 3.0000 $ 4,831.28 139.0000

0058 MOAN, MICHAEL 140.0000 0.0000 $ 1,210.63 0.0000

4439 MONTEIRO, MICHAEL 109.1700 6.3333 $ - 121.1369

3440 MORETTI, MICHAEL 139.0500 8.0000 $ 3,049.33 138.6667

3439 O’DONNELL, MATTHEW 136.0700 4.0000 $ 3,093.14 140.0000

0050 O’NEILL, JOSEPH 140.0000 1.0000 $ 5,278.16 140.0000

0036 OATLEY, GARY 140.0000 7.0000 $ 3,939.67 140.0000

4286 PALUMBO JR., ROBERT 137.5000 5.0000 $ 2,782.74 140.0000

3153 PELLA JR., JOHN 124.1200 1.0000 $ 389.24 140.0000

3151 PELLICCIO, GARY 140.0000 2.0000 $ 4,750.85 140.0000

3775 PERRY, JOHN 139.0000 11.0000 $ 2,067.35 138.6667

3777 PICARD, TIMOTHY 140.0000 0.0000 $ 3,197.69 0.0000

3778 PRATA, TIMOTHY 139.5600 3.6667 $ 4,271.39 140.0000

4287 REYNOLDS, JESSE 140.0000 4.0000 $ 4,243.64 139.0000

3437 RICHARD, DEREK 140.0000 3.0000 $ 4,318.45 139.0000

2676 RICHARDS, MATTHEW 139.9200 3.0000 $ 4,650.40 140.0000

2941 SAVARIA, MARC 140.0000 1.0000 $ 5,422.86 140.0000

2942 SCALZO, MICHAEL 140.0000 2.0000 $ 5,241.99 140.0000

4288 SCHMIDT, MICHAEL 135.6600 4.0000 $ 2,625.20 139.6667

3781 SCRIBNER, KEVIN 140.0000 1.0000 $ 4,265.95 140.0000

4289 SILVA, KEVIN 129.8400 3.0000 $ 1,265.05 140.0000

0425 SINOTTE, THOMAS 140.0000 0.0000 $ 1,123.00 0.0000

3568 ST PIERRE, STEVEN 130.8400 8.0000 $ 586.58 139.0000

3569 SULLIVAN, CHRISTOPHER 139.0000 9.6667 $ 2,525.97 139.0000

3562 SUTTON, ANDREW 140.0000 9.0000 $ 3,394.12 139.0000

2943 TITUS, TRACY 140.0000 1.0000 $ 4,750.85 140.0000

3148 TURCO, DANIEL 140.0000 5.0000 $ 4,202.68 140.0000

2944 UMBENHAUER, JASON 140.0000 1.0000 $ 6,658.44 140.0000

3566 VAIL, JUSTIN 140.0000 4.0000 $ 3,968.97 140.0000

3574 VALLELY, ROBERT 140.0000 8.0000 $ 3,563.14 139.3334

3913 VARRAS, NICHOLAS 140.0000 3.0000 $ 4,013.27 140.0000

0443 VINER, STEVEN 140.0000 1.0000 $ 2,246.00 0.0000

4290 WALSH, PETER 129.5000 6.0000 $ 443.04 140.0000

3436 WATERMAN, JASON 139.0000 7.0000 $ 2,924.47 140.0000

3782 WEATHERS, DANA 140.0000 5.0000 $ 4,290.26 138.0000

2677 WILSON, WILLIAM 140.0000 5.0000 $ 4,220.53 140.0000

3783 WINNES, CHRISTOPHER 140.0000 3.0000 $ 4,985.09 140.0000

Thursday, May 16

And this is the amount the retirees took as a last going out the door bonus in one lump sum. This is for the last contract period. Also, this money is not carried or anticipated anywhere in the budget. Still wondering why Warwick is screwed. This is just one example in one department.

CARL PECCHIA 24 107.22 19 $51,723.75

MATTHEW MCCAULEY 24 101.42 22 $54,779.80

BRYAN OWENS 24 102.8 18 $53,806.23

BRUCE COOLEY 24 105 20 $72,312.68

EDMUND ARMSTRONG 24 105 20 $78,096.86

MICHAEL SHEA 24 105.77 20 $51,568.80

STANLEY ZUBA 0 74.75 15 $27,748.91

GREGORY MONTECALVO 20 105.62 20 $45,022.79

FREDERICK TRUDELL 24 105.62 20 $63,325.17

JEREMEY BEECHER 20 65.24 17 $35,203.28

WILLIAM TYLER 24 105.3 20 $58,882.43

FRANCIS COLANTONIO 24 105.92 23 $69,769.75

DAVID MORSE 20 104.73 20 $70,240.36

TIMOTHY PACKHEM 20 105.31 20 $50,033.14

THOMAS CHACE 24 107.02 20 $52,778.47

STEPHEN FAY 12 108.08 23 $53,964.05

STEPHEN DIMUCCIO 19 108.38 20 $46,943.48

JOHN HALLORAN 22 104.87 17 $51,035.01


PETER MARIETTI III 17 105.93 0 $57,782.02

ROBERT PARMENTER 24 106.23 23 $66,812.88

THOMAS MAYMON JR 24 105.31 20 $70,181.68

MILES STEERE 24 105.62 20 $65,238.81

RICHARD BELLAVANCE 12 105 19 $60,189.52

KEITH BROWN 8 105.09 20 $51,713.45

RAYMOND ANTONELLI 12 106.27 20 $49,784.12

JAMES KENNEY 12 105 20 $69,526.13

RANDY RUSSELL 22 106.883 10 $50,754.79

WILLIAM LLOYD 20 69.22 20 $39,914.45

THOMAS JESSOP 20 105.62 23 $71,967.75

MICHAEL MOAN 24 105.62 20 $72,451.99

THOMAS SINOTTE 24 106.86 19 $67,317.12

EDWARD HANNON III 24 105 22 $77,775.57

JAMES MCLAUGHLIN 24 105 19 $82,332.40

JUSTIN SWEENEY 0 22.41 0 $6,076.92

JAMES MAXFIELD 24 105.48 20 $67,146.42

STEVEN A CAHOON 20 105.29 22 $53,827.13

STEVEN VINER 20 105.48 20 $65,349.62

JAMES CONLEY 21 101.96 20 $56,381.99

MICHAEL CIESYNSKI 16 105.04 21 $56,019.16

SCOTT CAPWELL 20 105.79 20 $65,488.87

CHRISTOPHER LECLAIR 15 106.23 16 $54,122.14

DAVID MAHONEY 14 106.23 23 $71,778.90

JAMES JORDAN 8 106.54 18 $59,536.97

JASON ERBAN 14 105.62 17 $49,927.78

MICHAEL CLARK 19 105.31 22 $65,722.45

PHILIP DOAR 16 67.42 0 $30,485.84

STEVEN HANDY 22 105.79 20 $66,387.27

THOMAS SUGRUE 22 106.54 21 $67,173.37

TIMOTHY PICARD 12 105 20 $50,066.65

JAMES SALISBURY 0 57.6025 15 $26,532.58

Thursday, May 16

And here is one more little point of fact taken from the budget documents.

Last year the city allocated $552,000 for unused sick pay bonus. I challenged everyone at the budget hearings indicating that it would be twice that amount. I am here to formally say that I was wrong. It was MORE than TWICE THAT AMOUNT. Actual amount used was $1,208,171.

Some overtime facts:

City allocated $1,275,000 for overtime this year. As of 5/13/19 with 6 more weeks to go the department used $3,232,958. That's $70,281.00 per week.

And here is another example of fiscal incompetence. Due to my due diligence by finding that the line item for medical exams of $60,000 per year average, was removed from the contract in 2012, the city legal opinion was that in fact the line item should not be funded contractually. So why now did the dopes still budget $70,000 this year, when in fact it has been removed? Can anyone say SLUSH FUND?

This is why the people need to pay attention.

Thursday, May 16

To be fair Captain, in the same comment you are complaining about the amount of sick days being taken, you are also complaining about retirees cashing out their sick time at the end of their employment. On the surface it doesn't seem like you can have it both ways. Do you care to expand upon why both are an issue to the city's finances?

5 days ago

Robbie Robbie Robbie

There is no better testament to your legend than being sent packing by THE FBI. Audit fails you, admitted animal killer, and biggest failure screwing the city out of records payment. Loser , go away and let the professional’s do their jobs.

5 days ago


The fact of the matter is that there is no need to have such a generous sick time benefit. No one in private industry has this. In particular, the banked sick days that are accumulated in the first 7 years are cashed out at the rate of pay that the member retires at. Also, due to the fact that Title 45 covers them for unlimited sick time, this perk is completely counterproductive and the data clearly indicates that the system is worked abusively. Without question ! Now the data shows that there is clearly a revolving sick out scheme to drive overtime. Have you looked at the budget and compared the numbers?

Think about it for a minute. No electronic method of monitoring attendance, destruction of the "change of shift documents" (which by the way has resulted in several federal investigations all over the country), The contract calls for doctors notes for more than 2 days out sick. I bet that statute is ignored. And also, are you aware of any of the fine details such as if a man is IOD, that his clothing allowance and uniform maintenance allowance is supposed to be pro-rated? Ya think that has ever happened? You have dopes on the city council that cant even read a contract let alone understand it and residents have to bring issues to their attention. Shall I give examples?

If you think for 1 minute that this department, and many others, do not have the ability to work the system and in fact do work the system, you are mistaken. If you think that this department or any other in this city is being run at maximum efficiency, you are mistaken.

I have in excess of 3000 documents in my possession which clearly indicate manipulation. In this error of technology, for this department (or any other including the mayors office) not to have finger print recognition time clocks is absurd (and unsafe) ie Muster points.

I had a conversation recently with a fire dept. controller for one of our municipalities who told me that they have finger print time clocks which download to the payroll system, and that their system is ANTIQUATED and they are updating it iris scanning. We have paper, pencil, and eraser. How sad. Dont forget, as of this date, we still do not have gps in the dpw vehicles, so when the 75 year old woman goes to the council meeting asking for $129.00 for a tire that got blown out because of a pot hole, she gets tortured and SHE has to prove that that particular pot hole was previously noted by the dpw? Are we friggen insane????

Barnstable/ Hyannis Ma. instituted GPS 4 years ago to every town vehicle. They realized a 32% savings on fuel and wear and tear. In addition, there is no hiding out in the woods, no driving to Goddard Park, no shopping on the clock, etc.etc. etc. All these things add up.

We are now in that mode were we need to do that. Every penny counts. I suggest that you really look deeply into the documents and perform some analysis. I have said this to you many times before, I am more than happy to share any and all documents that I have procured so that you dont have to take the time and spend the money. Official documents tell the story. I dont make this stuff up. This department and many others, including the mayors office (past and present) have gamed the system. This budget is a joke and a kid in 5th grade could easily disseminate it and show the waste.

But now we have the self proclaimed LAWYER AND CPA who had to rely on a resident to point out issues in the budget that were schemed. Not withstanding his more than forthright honesty with his fake used car lot.

Im tired. all the best. good night.

5 days ago


Title 45 (whatever that is) covers sick time for on sure injuries. Who covers off duty injuries? We don’t have TDI.

5 days ago

Robbie Robbie Robbie

Your tired, Bruins are on, your a loser.

5 days ago

And The BS about pencil and paper. EVERY DEPT IN THE CITY DOES IT THE SAME WAY. Tell the city to buy a program and stop blaming the workers that’s an admin issue.

GPS? They are already in the vehicles, you would know this of course because you filed claims about a call with the previous chief and he slapped you around with the GPS time stamps of the fire engine in question. You are a complete imbecile and have proven NOTHING.

5 days ago

TOTAL SICK shifts 2018 - 1307 shifts covered by sick leave 3.89%

TOTAL SICK shifts (according to el capitan) 2019 - 1410 shifts covered by sick leave 4.19%

3/10 of 1% difference = clear indication malfeasance?

Is this the same logic you used when you went on Dan Yorke a few weeks back and called the FFs criminals , accusing them of stealing 10 banked holidays for concessions they never gave up? I'm not surprised you didn't see any savings in the 2006 budget for something that took place in the second half of fiscal year 2009. (Hint: you won't find a 0 line item for clothing allowance in any budget year. Clothing allowance and maintenance are the same line item. the maintenance was paid in fiscal year 2009, as its dispersed in October. The allowance was not as its dispersed in March. Just figured I'd save you the headache)

Listen, I get it. You don't like the FD. You think they're lazy and overpaid. That's you're opinion, its you're right to state it. You don't think FFs should get a sick bonus, fine. Just say that! You don't need to look for ghosts in the numbers.

Also, you can't abscond money. A person can abscond with money. But money itself is an inanimate object. Minor point but still.

5 days ago
Fed up

Mayor Solomon was just on the radio and stated that he has introduced new software and sick time and vacation time is no longer tabulated with pencil and paper sheets and that it is all computerized. Whats the truth?

5 days ago
The Taxpayer

Fed Up,

The software he speaks of hasn’t even been approved by the council yet., it’s months away The ENTIRE city uses pencil and paper don’t let them trick you into thinking this is one departments issue. It’s the cities responsibility to purchase programs not the individual departments. Funny thing these programs were put in front of the finance committee years ago, they were shot down.

5 days ago

Rob, I agree that a pencil and paper system for any department is dated. However, that's not an issue for individual FF's to decide. That is up to the administration side to implement. Blaming the workers for their time clock system is silly. As far as the GPS in vehicles it seems we're getting 2 different answers. You say it's not in WFD vehicles, others say it is.

As far as the sick time issue I don't dispute it is possible for abuses to take place and I'm sure they have. The issue I took with your statement is you are criticizing those that abuse sick time (rightfully so) at the same time you are criticizing those who cash sick time out at the time of retirement (in other words, those that don't abuse the sick time system). Either way it doesn't seem you'll be happy. If less firefighters call out, that is more sick time being left on the books and you clearly have a problem with them cashing that time out at retirement. However, if more firefighters use their sick time during employment you will argue they are abusing it and OT costs are through the roof. Which one is it? Are you saying there should be no benefit to those who show up to work everyday and are never out sick? That seems unreasonable and unrealistic to me. If your argument is they shouldn't be cashing time out for .75 cents or more on the dollar, that's a different argument. I just don't think it's fair if we complain they're out sick AND complain when they have sick time left on the books. Stripping away that benefit enitrely would seem to be a non starter. You brought up the private sector, in many cases in the private sector if an employee will knowingly lose unused sick days at the end of the year, do you know what that employee ends up doing? They use the sick time they're about to lose consecutively in a larger chunk.

Let's just say that same "private sector" policy you covet was enacted in Warwick (won't happen), where the city says ANY unused sick time will be lost at the end of the year, what do you think that would do to OT costs? What do you think that would do to the employee attendence rate city wide?

Some of these suggestions sound great as talking points but realistically they will NOT solve the problem unless there's a willingness to negotiate on both sides. That will be easier said than done. Whether you send me the #'s or not Rob it doesn't change the fact that 100% of the changes you seek will have to be negotiated at the bargaining table. Don't shoot the messanger, I'm trying to be a realest.

5 days ago


You make some decent points. The city does not have TDI for its workers. Therefore if they are hurt OFF work they use sick time. If they are sick, they use sick time, if their children are sick they may need to use sick time. That being said. The average sick time used is around 5 days per person.

If a employee doesn’t use their time they are paid .75 of a day. If they do use it. They are paid 100% of the day and another person has to work OT 1.5 days. Rob may not like it but it’s not a bad system.

As for the GPS. He accused one of the engines of dodging a call. He drove to HQs stomped upstairs and yelled at the Chief. The chief pulled up the GPS time stamp which proved at the time of the call the engine in question was not where Mr. Cote said it was. He feeds all of us lies everyday. Oh and he kills animals. And stalks funerals.

5 days ago


Your are in need of help. Please seek it out.

4 days ago

I rest my case on Rob Cotes mental state. He is not well.

4 days ago

issues aside, we all have to admit, the captain backs down to no one... fact.

4 days ago

All one needs to do to is read the latest comment on this thread by Mr. Cote to see his true personality. His profanity laced tirade simply proves to the world his psychotic personality and mental instability. It is because of this type of behavior that nobody in the city or the state takes him seriously, and it's obviously why he has such an extensive criminal record. Between his numerous arrests, his abhorrent behavior at a local funeral home, and his profanity laced tirades, Mr. Cote has proven why he is not fit to live among civilized members of society. Please Mr. Cote, do the world a favor and seek out the mental health assistance you so desperately need.

4 days ago

Actually Wwkvoter, he talks a big game but when confronted about anything he dives away faster than the Duke boys. He is the biggest coward in warwick. He never grew out of his high school days I guess.

4 days ago


I have seen the time stamp. You are 100% incorrect. And yes I was with the beacon when they saw the location and time stamp GPS of the truck and called it a “Non Story”. But keep on lying. You have yet to prove 1 thing you claim.

4 days ago

If little Bobby Cote is soooo worried about the city as a whole, why is he NOT doing the same "investigative reporting" on ALL city departments? He should be pulling the same crazy, twisting of fact against the Police, DPW, Teachers and all other city employees. He is NOT. That proves beyond a doubt he has very personal reasons for singling out the Fire Department, he is a spineless coward and should seek professional help. Or, he can take his ball and go sit in the corner and suck his thumb. Even better, just go away little Bobby, just go......

4 days ago
Pepe Le Pew

Rob Cote (probably with no pants on) is sitting in a parking lot photographing people. Does anyone find this normal behavior for a grown adult?

4 days ago

Pepe, if Rob just admitted he was following the WFD truck around that day I would give him a shred of credit. When he tries to cover it with this "I was shopping and happened to see them..." bs is where I have the problem. You were only at the store to shop, Rob? Just curious how you would know a call came in during that time and where the location of that call was? Do you make frequent trips to the store with your scanner in hand just waiting for crime or emergencies? Own it! Stop pretending you're just out and about and suddenly a fire truck appears.

This, along with things like the use of the word f** (something that became outdated around 1996) are just some of the reasons people question your recent behavior. If you want to know why the public isn't lining up behind you, read back some of your comments under this article. I've always said anyone who's threatened you or anything even close to that is crossing the line and I stand by that. However it's about time to take accountability for your own actions and own some of your bs too!

4 days ago


Glad you have a crystal ball and believe the rest of the anonymous idiots on this site that continue to make up crap. For your edification, I went to the S&S Citizens Bank to make a deposit and grabbed a sandwich. When I pulled in the 2 trucks Engine 9 and Hazmat were parked in the lot. I was inside for only about 5 minutes. When I cam out and was leaving the parking lot, engine 9 was exiting, hazmat was still there, and then Rescue 3 came past the store from Main Ave, with Ladder 3 about a minute behind. Do you really think that I camp out and wait to follow a truck? Get real. They are seen every day by numerous people. I photographed with my phone and took a video of all of the apparatus. Wondering why 2 trucks 500 yds away did not respond and 2 trucks from across the city had to. Later that day I contacted fire alarm and they gave me the time of the call. So please, get a life, and why dont you critique these other people that harass and demean not only me, but anyone who speaks out in public. I dont see you condemning any of them for the harassment. By the way, contrary to Fake Jimmy and the rest, I run away from no one. Understand, no one.

Also, Scal, while we are on the subject, Are you planning on making your first public appearance to question the horrific budget that this administration has put forth? are you paying attention to facts such as the 1.1 million increase in healthcare costs that the residents are going to eat? Or maybe you have a number of queation lined up about the fictitious 5 million in paving line item that will never happen. If you watch last years budget hearings when they allocated 5 million to paving, I got up and told them that it was impossible to spend that much even if all of the engineering was done as they would have to spend $220,000 per week before the asphalt plants closed. Guess what, I was correct again as they didnt come close to spending the 5 mil. So where did the money go?

Or maybe you'll be outspoken about drawing down the surplus, raiding a pension, and making a 5% cut in services. Maybe you'll speak about the $35,000 raise that the COS got, or the numerous expenditures last year that did not go before the council?

In any event, I am sure that you have done your diligence and are ready to address several of the monumental issues that we are facing before we go into receivership. You do realize how close we are correct? If not, I would invite you to read and become familiar with RIGL 45-9-3. Only 2 of 5 parameters need to be met. We already met 1, the second one is on the way as we have already been issued a "credit negative" from Moody's. What do you think Moodys will do when the current financial report from RIPEC comes out?

4 days ago

Captain, yes we see your car parked in the fire lane or the loading dock area, your too lazy to park in a actual spot 10’ away. We have pictures too. Again if you have other evidence of wrong doing please bring it forward. I’ll be waiting.

4 days ago

dear Mr cote, probably not a great idea to use homophobic slurs on a public forum. screenshots my friend

3 days ago

Yesterday it was Ladder 1, today it was Ladder 3. Which one was it Rob?

Tomorrow I assume you’re going to claim it was Ladder 2.

Next week maybe Ladder 15??

3 days ago

Mr. Cote,

Your homophobic slurs are unacceptable, it is 2019....get with the times.

Secondly, how can you ask with a straight face " Do you really think that I camp out and wait to follow a truck?" when you have an entire youtube page of videos of you following trucks around.

You have zero credibility. Go get help for your issues. Nobody believes you when you claim you just happened to be shopping, or you just happened to drive past the funeral home.


3 days ago

"Frustration" has now turned into anger!

I see so many numbers being pulled out of the sky here to embellish a point, or a persons way of thinking.

I do hope the FF's get a good contract, and I do hope that the OT continues. I know families count on it.

Jimmy's statement about not wanting the OT and wanting to be with his family is good.

Him calling the FF's idiots who plan on the OT is way out of line and shows how self centered he is. I hope the FF's really hop on him to change his way of thinking and look out for their best interests, he is a dangerous guy the way he thinks!

Only his way, or the highway!

Good Luck to the FF's we depend on who do their job good every day, I know there are a lot of you, the silent majority.

Don't be afraid to share your comments with your union heads and fellow workers and I wish you a good and fair contract without the BS!

3 days ago

Cote is a whiney sniveling blowhard with "little man" syndrome. He talks a big game behind the keyboard but would run with his tail between his legs if he were ever confronted in person.

There are some people out there with nothing to lose. He really should be careful about who he harasses or whose funeral he plans on crashing next. He is going to piss off the wrong person someday.

Maybe he already has and just doesn't know it yet.

2 days ago

All one has to do is read Mr. Cote's profanity laced and homophobic comments and it's easy to come to the conclusion that the man is seriously bipolar. He obviously doesn't realize that there are children who read these comments, and for him to drop the "F" bomb and use disgusting homophobic slurs is truly unacceptable behavior. The scariest thing though, is that if he uses this type of foul language in these public forums, does he use that same type of language at home in front of his foster children? Many foster children are extremely emotionally fragile, and DCYF caseworkers do not look very favorably upon foster parents who exhibit the type of mentally unstable behavior regularly exhibited by Mr. Cote. Once again, Mr. Cote has every right in the world to hide in the bushes and take pictures and videos of firemen and garbage trucks, and he has every right in the world to make a fool of himself at city council meetings, ranting like a deranged maniac, but some of his behavior of late has crossed the line from silly, juvenile, and annoying to downright disturbing and dangerous, and if he keeps up this bizarre behavior, he most likely will be getting a visit from a DCYF caseworker-hopefully sooner rather than later.

2 days ago

Rob, first of all when you tell me to "get real" and "get a life", I'm not the one with a stash of videos following City employees around. Practice what you preach. Second, you asked why I never critique any of the people that attack you on this site, when in one of the last sentences of my last comment I said anyone who's ever threatened you or anything close to that is crossing the line. Third, you don't know me. You have no idea whether I'm involved locally or not. You don't know my political affiliations or contributions. Not everything in politics is about getting on a live mic. I know in your little bubble you are everything but to others the way you've delivered your message has left you in a vocal minority.

I've told you before Rob the message matters just as much as the messanger. You can continue telling people they're "f***" and to "get a life" but then I'd hope you understand why people grow frustrated and roll their eyes when you go on the radio or comment here and wonder why people aren't lining up behind you. I have thick skin, so while your juvenile insults aren't going to bother me don't think that means they don't offend others. I could've replied with something about gas going down drains or animal captures skyrocketing in Warwick like everyone else has at one time or another but I passed.

2 days ago

"he has every right in the world to make a fool of himself at city council meetings, ranting like a deranged maniac"

Maybe you should look at who steered our ship to the iceberg. We're sinking.

Yesterday at 2:41 AM

My question is to Mr. Howell.

Why do you allow The Captain aka Rob Cote to sound off as he chooses in your Beacon? You seem to have blocked The Taxpayers Mayor Corrente. Why not regulate and delete The Captain's deranged comments as well as his editorials?

Shame on you Mr. Howell this is just another reason I let my subscription expire.

Yesterday at 10:17 AM
Rhode Island Freemason

Ahh.... Now that is what I am talking about!!! I was a little worried about the absence of The Taxpayer's Mayor, but I think we will be just fine...

As a conservative, I despise ALL unions... I think at one time they were necessary (50 or 60yrs. ago), but not anymore. We pay $1,000's and $1,000's of dollars in numerous taxes to the city and the state, and what are the benefits? Is it our schools??? No, they are underperforming... Is it our infrastructure??? No, our road and bridges are a mess... Honestly, what is our Return on Investment? And it is not just municipal and state unions... Look at healthcare? Look at public utilities? For example... My brother, who has a high school diploma, works for National Grid. He has worked for NG for about 15yrs. Over the last 7yrs. or so, he has made in excess of $160,000 annually!!! He will brag to me at times that he was just paid over $300 an hour for 8hrs. to sleep... You don't want to know how much he gets paid if he is on call on Christmas Day and he has already worked his normal 40hr. work week!!! It makes me sick! My brother's intentions are to retire in about 12yrs. at the very young age of 59 as a millionaire!! Am I happy for him? Yes, very much... Am I jealous??? Absolutely!!! I have my undergraduate degree and my MBA in Finance... I have had a very successful career in Banking and Finance, my base salary is a little north of $110,000 prior to a year-end bonus (which I will only receive if I've done my job and I've earned it). With the help from some good investment decisions I made earlier in my career and my contributions to my 401K (which my company will match 100% up to 5%), like my brother, I too will retire most likely retire as a millionaire when I am around 70yrs. old.

As I said earlier, I am a conservative and as a conservative, I refuse to continue to pay excessive taxes to make people in unions; like my brother, extremely wealthy while they are paid $300 per hour to sleep at home in their beds and are guaranteed annual raises every year whether they've earned it or not. And when their contracts expire and they go a little while without a raise they get retroactive pay so they are all caught up and living the dream once again!!!

So rather than complaining and making myself look like a fool and basket-case like Mr. Cote, I decided to get in touch with a recruiter, sell my house and leave RI. While I still call myself Rhode Island Freemason, I am now proud to say I am the Florida Freemason! My family and I have been down here for almost 3yrs! Living in a non-union friendly state is great! My real estate taxes are almost a 1/3 of what they were when I lived on Warwick Neck, we have no car taxes, yet our roads are amazing! And my children's school is performing! And my utilities you ask??? Running our A/C almost non-stop costs us a little over $300 per month (on a 3,400 sq. ft. house with an inground pool)! Do I miss RI? Of course! It is my home, it is where I grew up! I think it is one of the prettiest states in the country!! But do I miss the politics? No! Excessive taxes... No! Unions... NO!

My only fear is that when all these union folks and politicians retire and when THEY come to realize RI is not a retirement friendly state, they too are going to want to pack up and leave RI for the Great State of Florida! My only request is you PLEASE leave your liberal politics and union-friendly ideology in Rhode Island!!!

Rhode Island Freemason err... Florida Freemason...

The Taxpayer's Freemason

Yesterday at 10:47 AM

Daydreambeliever-You make a very good point in your comment regarding the Beacon allowing Mr. Cote to write profane and disgusting homophobic comments on this website, but in my opinion, the Beacon is doing the public a favor by letting them see what a sick and twisted individual Mr. Cote is. Not everyone gets to see him and his mistress crash a funeral uninvited and swear at and harass the family of the deceased; they do not get to see him hide in the bushes and in the aisles of local grocery stores stalking city workers; and they do not get to see his extensive arrest record. However, when he posts his filth on this website for the public to see, it allows a wide audience to see his true personality and why he needs to be locked up in a mental institution.

Yesterday at 11:01 AM

FYI, the offensive, hate speech comment by Cote has been deleted for being recognized as such. Thankful that the Beacon has addressed this - there is no place for this type of name-calling.

Yesterday at 12:17 PM

Warwickbeautiful deranged liar

How much more of a story can you fabricate? Why dont you people spend 1/2 the time that you criticize me doing some research to show how this city is going down the tubes rapidly. Funny you dont admit to sending filthy disgusting letters to my house. That/\'s harassment. I wish I could post what I get from a handful of people namely WFD people and the

Warwickbeautiful deranged liar.

Yesterday at 1:21 PM

Many thanks to the Warwick Beacon staff for removing the profane and homophobic posts made by Mr. Cote. While he is surely entitled to his opinion, he surely is NOT entitled to spew that kind of filth in the comment section of a newspaper website that can be easily accessed by children. Let's just hope he does not exhibit that type of behavior and use that type of disgusting language in front of his own foster children, and if he does, hopefully DCYF will investigate.

Yesterday at 2:08 PM

As usual the Captain accuses the FD of sending letters or whatever through the mail. It just has to be them lol.

Did you dust them for fingerprints Robert? Were they sent with a return address from HQ?

Were they sent on WFD stationary ?

Then how the hell do you know who sent ? What a buffoon.

If what you say is true (which we know isn’t ) call in the State PD, Local PD and the USPS.

You do so much research why don’t you research what your property is worth and while doing so research a residence in another city. That’s research !!!!!

Your right let some of his stupid comments stay. My goodness nothing surprises me with this guy.

Yesterday at 5:57 PM