Full disclose food ingredients


To the Editor:

A majority of Americans support the right to know the ingredients contained in the food that they feed their family. We have food labels that identify most every item within the products we consume except when it involves genetically engineered crops (GMOs). Most of all the processed food and animal products in our supermarkets contain GMO ingredients derived from crops developed by Monsanto Corporation. These item's haven't been proven safe for us to consume and when scientists reviewed the data that Monsanto provided, they came away with many doubts as to the safety of the crops.

Monsanto claims that they pose no threat to us, yet Monsanto has such a long history of unethical practices. I don't believe the safety of our food should be left in their hands. Many countries throughout the world have banned genetically engineered food crops and deem them a threat to their health. Here in the U.S., we need, as a bare minimum, a system for labeling food products that contain GMOs so we can make an informed decision when we buy food at the market. If we voice our concerns to our elected officials, perhaps they just might enact legislation that mandates food products to include GMO labeling.

Robert Midura


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