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Get Out



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(Racially tense horror film)

"Get Out" is yet another case of a movie starting out with great potential and ending up going down hill faster than the final gory chase scenes.

This eerie horror film starts out with a scene before the credits that hints of unfulfilled things to come. An African American man is walking down a suburban street when something happens that you expect to happen if the situation were reversed.

Switch to Rose and Cliff (Allison Williams and Daniel Kaluuye), a white young lady and her black boyfriend of four months. It is time to meet the parents, so the young lovers drive to her home in the wealthy white suburbs, where Chris is welcomed by her "unprejudiced" surgeon father (Bradley Whitford) and psychiatrist/hypnotist mother (Catherine Keener).

Dad throws a big party and Chris finds the situation very strange as subtle bias and ignorance show their ugly heads. To further add to the uneasiness, Rose's parents have a black maid and black handyman who act very strange, plus a son who is strange to the point of being a psycho.

Chris is trying to stop smoking, so mom hypnotizes him under false pretenses, as the situation gets even weirder, with Chris (and the audience) realizing that things aren't quite right with suburbia. When Chris discovers what is really going on, he makes every effort to leave but is stopped. This is where the movie goes from social satire to just another dumb, grisly horror movie.

We won't tell you what happens, but the true nature of the white family is revealed, people are viciously killed, and the tables get turned. And a good movie is ruined.

Keep your eye on Daniel Kaluuye, who is a talented actor who knows how to show fear and confusion with his expressive face and body language. If only the movie had a better ending.

Rated R, with violence, gore, sex and a bit of profanity.


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