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(1½-hour car chase)

I can’t resist: Get as far away from this turkey as you can.

Ethan Hawke stars as Brent Magna, a former racecar driver whose wife is kidnapped by a mysterious man, who threatens to kill her if he does not complete a handful of “tasks.” Those improbable and impossible tasks include driving crazily through the streets of Sophia, Bulgaria, eluding the police and wrecking more police cars than the city could possibly have. Innocent people are nearly run down, and there is millions of dollars in property damage, but that doesn’t slow down our determined hero.

Along the way he picks up a foul-mouthed young girl (Selena Gomez), who quickly gets on his nerves and ours as well. Of course, they eventually bond.

There are cameras installed inside and outside the car so the bad guy (Jon Voight) can follow every move and direct Magna’s every move, most of which cause havoc and destroy everything in sight. It all comes down to the big showdown.

Can Brent stay alive and rescue his kidnapped wife?

Will there be a car left in Bulgaria?

Can you last through this hour and a half of pure mayhem?

Rated PG-13, with violence and profanity.


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