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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance


(Terrible sequel)

Nicolas Cage overacts with a vengeance in this terrible sequel.

Cage is Johnny Blaze, the motorcycle rider who has given his soul to the devil, but now has a chance to redeem himself by saving a young boy from a satanic cult.

It was pure torture sitting through this one, watching characters turn to stone and crumble from menacing creatures. Even worse was watching Cage's contortions as he evolved from Johnny to a jawboned blazing skeleton riding a fiery cycle.

The quasi-religious overtones had Johnny taking a weird communion with a church prophet before wiping out the satanic cult and its leaders.

Johnny rides around eastern Europe with the boy and his mother, being chased, caught and escaping before the final, dragged out conclusion.

Is the boy the son of the devil himself? Will Johnny, the boy, and his mother be saved?

There are loads of quick-cut and fast-forward scenes that only add to the mess of a plot. The 3D effect adds nothing to the confusion.

Ghost Rider didn't have a rating, but it is at least PG-13 because of the violence.


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