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* * ½

(Choppy, unrealistic crime drama)

I didn't have that good a time at this choppy, unrealistic crime drama, in spite of a good performance by Robert Pattinson as a down-on-his-heels bank robber who keeps getting deeper and deeper in trouble.

Connie (Pattinson) takes care of his mentally challenged younger brother Nick (Benny Safdie) but makes the big mistake of involving him in a bank robbery. Nick gets caught and is sent to jail, where he is brutally beaten, ending up in the hospital under police protection. Connie can't raise bail money, so he decides to break Nick out of the hospital, but rescues the wrong man.

The rest of the movie plays out in real time as Connie and the wrong guy try to escape from the police in a closed amusement park. There are so many inconsistencies, scenes filmed in darkness, and jerky handheld camera shots that you think you are watching a home movie. At least in this one, crime doesn't pay, and there is a happy ending for poor Nick.

Rated R, with profanity, violence, drugs and underage sex.


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