Goodness in hearts of Warwick police, fire


To the Editor:

Many think of local police officers and fire department personnel as public servants who are merely there to provide emergency services for residents in need. For our family, our local police officers and firefighters represent so much more than that. They represent the best of humanity. Recently, our 42-year-old daughter Kimberly A. Clark passed away unexpectedly at home on Friday, January 11, 2019. Sadly, over

the course of the last several years, our young, vivacious daughter's health had declined dramatically. Many times, we had to call the local police and/or fire department in our Kent County (Conimicut) section of Warwick to assist our daughter with getting up and down the stairs, or picking her up, if she'd fallen. It was an incredibly sad and stressful time for us, her aging parents.

Without fail, whether it were Warwick police officers, or firefighters from Engine Companies 4 or 5, near our home, emergency crews showed up to help. While many reading this may say, "it's their job" I want everyone to know that the mere act of physically lifting someone is not what we're referring to. The value to us, lied within the manner in which they treated my daughter and us, when we were in distress.

Not only did emergency personnel always arrive to our home in a timely manner, they were sincerely kind, helpful and incredibly compassionate to our unique situation. It was that kindness that all showed to our family, that brought us much needed solace. The empathetic disposition of each and every Warwick emergency professional that we encountered, during these heart-wrenching situations with our daughter, is what will stay with us, forever. When others, personally or professionally, go beyond the bounds of what is required of them, we see their inherent nature. We saw so much goodness in the hearts and minds of Warwick's local police officers and firefighters. I want each and every one of them to know that their selfless acts meant and still means so much to us, because they directly enhanced Kimberly's quality of life. For that, even though she is gone, we will be eternally grateful. The City of Warwick has a lot to be thankful for, and has many fine men and women under its employ. I am proud to be a resident of our city. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you to these fine men and women of the Warwick police and fire department(s), not only for their service, but for treating their fellow man with so much grace.

Martin and Janis Clark



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richard corrente

The above article is spot on.

We voters, taxpayers, citizens, homeowners, parents, etc. of Warwick need to remember that, politics aside, we have the best firefighters and police we can possibly have.

Critics all to often tear apart contracts that were established by Avedisian and Mark Caruolo, his Chief-of-Staff, and hold the employee-benefitting parts against the people in the union instead of attacking the very politicians that invited the problems in the first place by writing the rules and regulations so poorly. I always wave when I see these "public servants" (police, firefighters etc.) because they risk their lives 24/7 for the rest of us. I also wave at the politicians that got us in this political mess, but I don't always give the same "kind" of wave to Avedisian, Carruolo and the other "political insiders". There's a huge difference between the "political insiders" and the "public servants". The above article acts as the perfect reminder.

Happy Valentines everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Wednesday, January 23