Great American retreat


To the Editor:

All around the world we are “choosing” to retreat and decline in world affairs. Our president’s philosophy of retreating is by choice, not a condition, and wants to do it.

President Obama doesn’t believe in us and apologizes to the world for our strength and past sins. His way to strengthen America is to retreat and strengthen at home. Part of his beliefs is we don’t have the moral right to be the world’s leader.

Imagine, the President of the United States is apologizing for our strength in world affairs. Mr. President, please take a close look, because the “bad guys” are listening and watching as you do nothing. Your choice of action and leadership, or lack of it, is putting our nation in great peril. When the United States is “strong” the world complains. When the United States is weak the world suffers.

With this said, all of this can be reversed, but time is running out.

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich


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