Great art takes to runway at Hoxsie School


The final art project of the Hoxsie Elementary School sixth grade class brought famous art alive with an art/fashion show complete with a runway and a beat Tuesday morning.

The students have been busy preparing for the 4th annual Art and Fashion show for the past three weeks. After the audience was reminded to give the sixth graders their undivided attention, the show began.

The sixth graders chose the painting of a famous artist such as O’Keeffe, Monet, Van Gogh, and even local artist Esther Chester to paint on a white T-shirt. In addition, they researched the artist and when and where they lived. Student Jake Bobitt chose Monet’s painting “Water Lilies” because he felt it was something that he could replicate and said that he enjoyed looking through all of the Monet paintings.

Then it was show time.

As the sixth graders lined up in the corridor, younger students filled the all-purpose room, sitting on the floor. In the back, parents, armed with cameras and cell phones, sat on chairs and teachers lined the perimeter of the room ready to help out. Wearing their shirts, students came to the stage one at a time to announce their name, name of the artist, title, year, medium and style of the painting.

Then they improvised.

Some strutted, others danced and still others almost ran down the runway to music as they showed off their work. Prints of the original paintings were displayed on the walls. Many students waved their hands, hi-fived their peers and struck their best model pose. A few even brought shades and passed them off to friends down the line.

The fashion/art show is the brainchild of art teacher Kim Markarian. Her teaching ability got rave reviews from her students.

“When she teaches us, she teaches us fun,” exclaimed sixth grader Lexie Riess, who wants to be an art teacher herself.

Some students claimed to be nervous while they were backstage, but nerves seem to be forgotten once they were off the microphone and on the runway with wild encouragement from their peers.

At the end of the show students were brought back on stage for a final applause. Markarian was presented with flowers from the PTA for engaging her learners. Markarian dedicated the show to retiring fifth grade teacher Kathy Curtis, who has been teaching since 1973. Markarian praised Curtis, who has been teaching at Hoxsie for 27 years, as “dedicated and everything that a teacher should be.”


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