Great emancipator?


To the Editor:

Have any of the liberal left, those who have a soft spot in their heart for everyone and anyone, noticed what a marvelous time their ex-president is having?

This man and his family were America’s answer to Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi all rolled into one. They stood up for the rights of sociopaths and anarchists while trying to destroy the careers of law enforcement officers. They allowed criminals to enter our borders with no concern for hard working Americans, a group they seemed to detest. They created the most racial divided conundrum they could and then had the audacity to call others racists and haters. We endured eight years of their ineptness and racism and now they complete their mission by throwing their new lifestyle in our faces. They have vacationed in more exotic places then any of us can ever dream of and yet they do it alone.

Why isn't the great emancipator taking many of the down trodden he placed on pedestals with him. Why has he not he gone to Ferguson and instituted day trips for the oppressed in that destroyed city? Or how about organizing junkets from his home city of Chicago for the disenfranchised there? Is it because he and his elite family could care less about anyone but themselves? It seems that way. They spend eight years making fools of most normal thinking Americans and then leave us to clean up their mess. That's their legacy, a legacy of greed, impotence and out and out stupidity.

John Cervone

North Providence


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