Guility of contempt of Congress


To the Editor:

Where do I report to prison? The penalty for contempt of Congress is jail for as much as 12 months and I’m willing to go for the satisfaction of being able to say publicly that this horrible organization is one of the most contemptible, disgraceful and disgusting organizations on the face of the Earth.

Today, I read that once again congressional conservatives are planning to block a vote on proposals designed to help keep guns out of the hands of criminals and mentally insane, fearful perhaps that this proposal may keep guns out of the hands of the members of Congress since they certainly fit that definition.

Conservatives long ago abandoned the idea of majority rule with their endless use of the lazy man’s filibuster, but what can be said about the spineless Democrats who had a chance to end this but caved in, in the face of their threats and bluster? (Democrats caving in, what else is new?)

Congress is nothing but an organization bought and paid for by special interests with the Marching Pit Bulls on one side and the Cowardly Tabbies on the other.

So, I’m making public declaration: I’m guilty of contempt of Congress. Go ahead and arrest me. And while you’re at it, make room for the other 200 million people that feel the same way.

Charles Lawrence



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