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Sometimes, it is just privacy you are looking for. Other times, perhaps you are in need of something that will make your room completely dark at night, but still let diffused light in by day. Perhaps you want something that is just decorative - or better, decorative AND functional. Consider how much more energy-efficient your home can be in retaining cool air when you have the insulating effect of a good window covering.

When choosing window coverings for your home or business, there are many needs to be met - privacy, light and heat regulation, energy-efficiency and aesthetics. There are all kinds of window coverings available on the market these days that accomplish these purposes, but really only one expert who can bring them all to you. That man is Harris Alkins of Harris Blinds & Shutters in Warwick.

Harris Alkins has been consistently delivering high quality window coverings to his customers for over 20 years, guiding his clients through the process of finding highly functional options that are beautiful and decorative at the same time. In order to see in person what might best fit your taste and budget, Harris will come to your residence or place of business and work closely to determine the perfect match for every wish on your list. When he comes, he brings samples of the many covering options available, measures your windows, and gives you a free estimate (all measurements and installations are provided free of charge). This kind of personal treatment may be hard to find these days, but is the trademark of Harris Blinds & Shutters.

Harris Blinds & Shutters is known for its quality products and great service, at prices that are more competitive than major chain stores. Because it is a family owned business you can depend on them to stand by their products. In fact, many products sold are covered by a lifetime warranty. With so many types of window coverings available, and so many companies selling them, customers are often confused about which products offer the best value. This is where you turn to a family run business such as Harris Blinds and Shutters because, after all these years, they know their customers ~ and most important, they know their products.

Almost every type and style of window treatment currently on the market is here at Harris Blinds & Shutters, including:

• Cellular Pleated Shades

• Interior Shutters

• Solar Mesh Shades - an innovative product that helps filter light and provides privacy

• Assorted wooden and mini-blinds

• Verticals, Romans, Plantation and more

Call Harris Alkins at 737-4917 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation at your home or office, or visit him at his showroom at 1638 Warwick Avenue. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.


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