New action heroine


If you enjoy this genre, you'll like new action heroine Gina Carano. As one of her many victims explains, "She ain't no ordinary woman."

Carano plays Mallory Kane, a "private contractor" who has been set up by somebody (or more than one somebody, we are never quite sure). The movie starts with Channing Tatum's character beating her up in a diner before she shoots him. An innocent young man goes to her aid. So what does she do? Hijacks his car, tells him to put his seat belt on, and starts telling her incredible story. The rest is one big, exciting chase movie, with Mallory slowing down to either beat some guy to submission or kill him.

She travels from Barcelona to Dublin to New Mexico, back to Dublin (How did she get there?) to who knows where, slowing down long enough to give somebody else a good beating.

In the end, she finds the guy behind it all (How did she find him? Irrelevant) and takes him out in a clever manner. The mindless, but fun movie has some interesting cameo appearances by Michael Douglas and Antonio Banderas, plus Ewan McGregor playing a really bad guy.

If you just want to veg out and let your imagination run wild, you might enjoy this major case of haywire. Rated a big R with lots of violence.


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