Hendricken top 10 are creative, inspired, motivated achievers


Bishop Hendricken’s 10 highest achievers topped their high school careers with an impressive catalog of accolades, from Harvard Book Awards to Honor Society inductions and cross-country trips to cross country team captainships. The list goes on and on.
“They embody all the qualities we expect to see, and exceeded them. They spent a lot of time doing mission work, too. These men, and the class as the whole, embody everything we look for in Hendricken men. They are extraordinary talented, and we expect them to do great things,” said David J. Flanagan, assistant principal of Bishop Hendricken.
“It’s not just all about activities or academics. It’s about developing a socially conscious young man that understands the gifts that he has, and that he has the responsibility to give back to the community,” said Flanagan.
Their trails are blazed with fond memories of friendships, hundreds of hours of club meetings and community service, and great lessons from even greater teachers, coaches and mentors, amid victories and adventures of all sorts. The relationships that made the journey truly worthwhile are ones that will endure for a lifetime.

Ranked number one out of 211 students in his class, John Kane proved not only powerful with the pen and book, but in competitive sports as well.
He was captain of the varsity volleyball team, which became First-Team All State in 2011 and 2012 – all while coaching unified volleyball on the side, which partners BHHS with special needs schools. He served as captain of the Math Team, and competed with the BHHS Academic Decathlon. In 2012, Kane was the recipient of the Harvard Book and School Scholar Athlete of the Year Award, all while being accepted into the National Honor Society. He was a National Merit Finalist his senior year, and a designated AP Scholar with Honors, averaging a 3.25 out of 5 on four or more of his AP exams.
For college in the fall, Kane is heading south – down to New Orleans’s Tulane University to study pre-med biology.
“[Senior year] was the first year I felt outside of my comfort zone, when you don’t have control of everything. Life became fast-paced,” he said.
On his decision to travel far from home, he said, “When are you going to get another opportunity to live in New Orleans for four years? It’s an awesome city.”
He attributes his success and enjoyment at Bishop Hendricken to his family and friends, “My mother and father, my sister Hope, and my good friends Ryan Sutyla, Evan Scott and Mike Scott.” The thing that made his senior year experience so enduring wasn’t the destination but the journey.
The moral of Kane’s continuing story is found within the blessings of his schooling. “The class of 2012 is going different directions, but if we use the skills we learned from Bishop Hendricken, we can change the world, and make an impact in whatever field we go into,” he said.

Coming in second of the top 10, Ryan Sutyla drove home top scores in both the classroom and in the State Academic Decathlon, all while captaining the Math Team.
Sutyla also engaged in other extracurricular activities, acting as treasurer of the French Club and working in the BHHS peer-tutoring program. He was the recipient of the Georgetown Book Award, was a National Merit Commended Student, and a member of the National Honor Society.
Sutyla will be continuing his studies in Clinton, N.Y. at Hamilton College, where he plans to major in chemistry. Given his future plans, it’s not surprising that he credits his success to his math and chemistry teachers, Mr. Morey and Sister Carol Anne, but said his enjoyment at school came from his parents and friends as well. His motivation came from the challenges he faced from his peers, while “achieving the highest goals possible,” he said.

G. Thomas Esmay ranked third in the BHHS class of 2012, an achievement met only by his long list of extracurricular activities, one steeped heavily in writing and media, including founding and running two new BHHS groups, the Fencing and Magic: The Gathering clubs. During his impressive high school career, he showed that he was truly a man of the arts.
Esmay’s involvement in art was not limited to one facet. As the editor-in-chief of the school art and literature magazine, and attendee of the Media Arts Academy and Club, he also became lead actor in the New Artist Play Festival. He was also a member of the Math Team, Book Club, Academic Decathlon and the peer-tutoring program.
He earned a notably long list of honors, including the National Honor Society, National English and Spanish Honor Society, the President’s List, and the Mu Alpha Theta National Mathematics Society.
Esmay plans on attending New York University and its Tisch School of the Arts, majoring in film and television production.
Reflecting on the experiences he had at Bishop Hendricken, “High school has been a great period of learning and deepening [of] my faith,” he said, “My most pronounced memories will be time spent with friends – the sleepless nights of the 48 Hour Film project, scrounging for an important puzzle piece in a dumpster and wandering the streets of Albuquerque at the National Academic Decathlon, among others.”

Focused on the enjoyment of learning and desire to excel in competition, Anthony Abel made strides not only on the soccer field but in the textbook as well, graduating fourth in his class.
Abel was a captain of the Math Team, and member of the varsity soccer and Academic Decathlon teams. For his high degree of coursework, he was recognized with the American Mathematical Society Award, and obtained the Rensselaer Polytechnic Award. Abel was also a finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program.
Among his most enduring memories of “excellent friends” and “fantastic experiences,” like the Academic Decathlon’s trip to Albuquerque, Abel credits his success in school to his father, as well as math teacher Mr. Morey and chemistry teacher Sister Carol Anne, who he wanted to especially thank.
Keeping true to his learning interests, Abel plans to attend Darrel University to study chemical engineering.

Taking the fifth spot in the top 10 is Garabed Koosherian, BHHS marching band member, State Ballet dancer, writer and accomplished multi-linguist. As a student with bonds in diverse groups of friends and mentors, Koosherian saw his limits stretched.
“I am all the stronger for it,” he said.
His focus on lingual studies led him to score first in the state in the National French Exam, and second in the state in the National Spanish Exam. He also earned the Excellence in Spanish and French Award from Bishop Hendricken High School, further cementing his role as one of the school’s top linguists. On top of it, he grabbed a bronze medal for his membership in the R.I. Academic Decathlon’s B-team.
Rounding out his high school career, Koosherian participated in the BHHS Hawks Marching Band for three years, and the Color Guard for one. He served as the editor and editor-in-chief of YAWP, the school’s literary magazine, for all four years of attendance. For two years, he was a dancer in the State Ballet of Rhode Island.
Koosherian will remember the little things the most, the qualities brought out in him by his friends and teachers who embodied in their lessons a joy that inspired him.
“It encouraged me to bring joy to all of my endeavors,” he said.
The competitive structure of his courses and the support of his parents also instilled in him the motivation to succeed.
Koosherian will be attending the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., and plans to double major in economics and Spanish, with a possible minor in French.

For Hendricken’s number six, Ryan McNaughton, it was more than academics and activities that made his experience truly unique.
He was named captain of the cross country team and the Math Team, and joined indoor and outdoor track.
He was inducted into the National Honor Society, received the Providence College Book Award and was designated as an AP Scholar with honors, averaging a 3.25 on four or more of his AP exams. Of all his accolades, McNaughton holds one above the rest – his Eagle Scout Badge, which he earned in October of 2011.
What he’ll carry far from Hendricken is the school pride and togetherness that blossomed in the face of tragedies that directly involved faculty and students.
“In a period like this, most places would give up, but not Hendricken. The school came together, students supported each other, making my senior year one I will never forget,” said McNaughton.
In the fall, he will be going to Boston University to study biomedical engineering.

For Daniel Moren, Hendricken’s number seven, it was his fondest memory that taught him how lucky he was, and what the Hendricken brotherhood was really all about.
In April of this year, Moren went on a mission trip to Peru, an experience that would go on to shape him.
“This trip put my own life in perspective, and helped me develop a stronger sense of gratitude for what I’ve been blessed with,” he said.
Moren participated in the peer minister and peer-tutoring programs, and was a member of the Nutrition Club, too. He also ran track and played football.
Moren was the recipient of the Brown Book Award and several gold medals in the Science Olympiad. He also placed first in the Science Fair.
He succeeded because of the structure of the school; his surroundings challenged him and he responded.
“Hendricken has an academically rigorous atmosphere which, along with my classmates, provided me with motivation,” said Moren.
Moren will be attending Boston College in the fall to study bioinformatics in a pre-med track.

Mark Vuono is number eight in the Hendricken graduating class of 2012, a cross country runner who will fondly remember nationwide meets well after high school has passed him by. He was senior captain of the cross country team, which traveled to North Carolina, New York and Oregon to compete. Vuono was also a member of the indoor and outdoor track teams and won multiple First-Team All State awards in the sport.
His other responsibilities included participation as a peer minister, altar server, Eucharistic minister and volunteer math tutor.
He is also the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, including the Brown Book Award, ranking as a state finalist for the Wendy’s Heisman Memorial Trophy award and was inducted into the National Honor Society, as well as the National English and Spanish Honor Society.
The motivation to go to college and establish a career helped him to keep goals, ones that made him hustle both in the classroom and on the field.
“The mentoring and support of my coaches and teammates motivated me in track,” he said.
Vuono intends to study at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and will major in business and communications.
Hendricken’s Andrew Robinson, number nine of the top 10, performed his best under water, achieving recognition as both a first class swimmer and swim team captain. Robinson headed the team as varsity captain his senior year, and was a member of the Rams Swimming Club. His leadership earned him the Captain Matthew J. August Award and the Outstanding Senior Athlete in Swimming Award. At the state swimming competition, he won the 500-yard freestyle.
His other enduring memories of the last four years are of the friends he made along the way. His coaches, teachers and counselors also played a great role in his success.
“My coaches, Drew Finneran, Ken Cunningham, David Hansen, and teachers, especially Mrs. Kaspel, Mrs. Tudino and Mr. Quigley; their guidance and encouragement inspired me,” said Robinson.
In the fall, Robinson will be attending Fairfield University, with a major in biology and a minor in Spanish.

Brent Parker excelled in his studies, ranking 10th overall in a class of 211, and was involved in sports, drama and theatre programs, in addition to being a youth leader in the mission trip program that trotted the globe.
He played on the Hendricken soccer team, dueled in the fencing club, competed with other schools on the Math Team, and also sang in the Young Men’s Chorus.
Parker also earned memberships for his academic recognition, including spots in the Rhode Island and National Honor Society, as well as the National Mathematics and English Honors Society. He was also designated as an AP Scholar with Honors, averaging a 3.25 on four or more of his AP exams.
The moments that he had with his friends are memories that Parker will take with him long after high school.
“My fun times in Hendricken Drama and on the fencing team, all the excitement and experiences I shared with my friends,” are what he’ll remember most about it, he said.
He said that the will to excel came from his parents, who’ve “always inspired me to reach for greatness,” and have provided “constant help,” he said. “My teachers taught me what I needed and my friends helped me laugh along the way.”
Parker plans to attend Clemson University in South Carolina to study mechanical engineering.


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