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(A new, violent twist

on the legend)

If you like the genre, you’ll be treated to a fast-paced, overwhelming, unique look at the legendary son of Zeus, thought to be part man and part god.

Dwayne Johnson is pretty good as the powerful hero, complete with bulging muscles and one heck of a temper.

At this point in his life, Hercules has become a mercenary, saving villages from the bad guys for gold. He and his band enter battles against all odds. His biggest challenge lies ahead: saving the inhabitants of Thrace and its king from a warlord with many more warriors.

There are three incredible battle scenes, all very bloody, but showing innovative battle techniques, including one with chariots. Hercules trains the farmer-soldiers and leads them into battle in scenes involving “a cast of thousands.”

When Hercules is betrayed, he needs to use his tremendous strength and prove that he is more than just a legend.

While these movies are not usually our cup of tea, we must admit that this one is well made and offers a new twist to an old story.

Rated R, with lots of violence.


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