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Here Comes the Boom


(Silly, stupid, predictable comedy)

Kevin James stars as Scott Voss, a high school biology teacher who enters mixed martial arts competitions to raise money to save the school's canceled music programs.

Henry Winkler plays the music teacher. How did the Fonz get that old? Salma Hyak is the school nurse who rejects Scott's constant advances.

Scott makes money losing his fights, as he gets punched, kicked and beaten to a pulp but manages to show up for school the next day with nary a scratch.

It all comes down to the BIG FIGHT, with enough money at stake for the winner to save the music program. But Scott is going up against the meanest mixed martial arts fighter in the world. How could he possibly win? It's all pretty silly and schmaltzy.

Rated PG, with martial arts violence and yet another gross vomiting scene.


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