'Hide in silence'


To the Editor:

The attempted murder of congressional staff and congressmen is one more tragic event that should be a call for our nation to engage in open and honest discussion on the purpose and limits of guns in our society. I believe America’s experiment with guns is a tragic failure. Compared with 22 other similar countries our murder rate is 25 times higher and although we represent less than half the population of these nations combined we account for 82 percent of all gun deaths. How much longer can we act ignorant to the reality that guns are killing Americans.  

The Cranston City Ordinance Committee, chaired by Christopher Paplauskas once again, a day after the tragedy in our nation’s capital had the opportunity to have an open discussion on the merits of sensible gun legislation currently being considered in our state legislature. HB5345 and SB187 would close a dangerous loophole that allows 4,000 residents who have permits to carry concealed guns to carry their weapon into our schools and on school grounds. Instead they chose to table the resolution again and to prohibit concerned citizens from making comments and presenting testimony.

The most consistent and everyday threat to our safety is not from abroad, it is the lack of courage on part of leaders, like chairman Paplauskas who refuse to acknowledge the gun problem and to allow citizens to voice their concerns. Councilman Lanni challenged the Committee to engage in a discussion – their response was silence. They could have risen to the challenge, allowed discussion and taken a vote, but they decided to hide in silence instead of taking a stand to protect our children and teachers.

Tom Wojick



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For you to call for gun control when this nutjob was about partisan hatred is just despicable. This is not a case of gun control. The guy had obtained the guns legally and was apparently of sound mind when he did so. The fact that he chose to use the guns to attempt to kill people is sad but has nothing to do with gun control. If you don't like guns, don't own one. Someone misusing their automobile or axe or baseball bat doesn't preclude me from having an automobile, axe or baseball bat. Why is a gun different?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wow, hide in silence this guy is great. He likes to pick and choose his facts. If by open and honest you mean your support of taking rights away from law abiding citizens with your one sided rhetoric come on Really Sir. John Lanni was the voice of reason, what the five minutes he woke up during the meeting. Good job Chairman Paplauskas for shutting up this nut job.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Curiously, no one in London is calling for "sensible knife control". That's because normal people understand that knives, guns, and bombs do not kill people. People kill people! Had some of these congressmen or their aids been armed, perhaps there would have been sell carnage.

Thursday, June 29, 2017