His Hero


When Wickes School 4th graders were assigned to write an essay about an everyday hero, Matt Hernandez looked no further than custodian Mary Manson. Mary, who drove special education buses for 23 years before the department contracted for the services, chose to carry on with the department as a custodian. She loves the job because it continues to put her in contact with students. But never did she expect to be picked as a hero. Below is Matt’s essay.
Let me explain about Miss Mary. She is very generous because when it was vacation, she came to our class and cleaned our floor. Miss Mary painted the boys’ bathroom. Miss Mary sometimes donates books for other people. She’s very nice because she goes to other teachers’ classes and cleans everything. And other custodians clean things too.
Sometimes she tells people to help her. When it was snowing, she put this kind of thing down that makes the snow not slippery. She shovels for us, so we can’t slip in the snow.
When I’m in the hall, she makes me feel very happy about the great work she has been doing. If you throw a ball on the roof, she will be nice enough to get it. Miss Mary makes me happy.

Matt Hernandez


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