Movie Review

Hit and Run


(Funny chase/road movie)

There are many chase movies and road movies made every year.
Some are predictable. Many are bad.
"Hit and Run" combines the two genres into an unpredictable, funny movie that rises above the norm.
We saw the movie at the RI International Film Festival and found ourselves laughing frequently and hysterically.
Dax Shepard, who plays one of my favorite characters on TV's "Parenthood," wrote, co-directed and starred as Charlie Bronson (aka Yul Perkins) in this zany story, filled with zany characters.
Charlie, we learn soon into the story, isn't the laid back, man-child he appears to be. He is devoted to his girlfriend Annie (Kristen Bell), encouraging her to take a job at UCLA, far from their backwoods, peaceful town.
They head out on their 500 journey with Annie's ex chasing after them, along with the local sheriff (Tom Arnold) in pursuit, soon to be joined by Charlie's old "friends," who just got out of prison because of him.
This is one of those movies where critics have to use judgment in how much to tell their audiences because the movie unfolds with so many twists, turns and surprises.
We will reveal that Charlie is not who Annie thinks he is. As his past is slowly unpeeled, Annie must decide whether or not she should trust him. It's a tough decision, based on what he has done and what will happen if everyone who is chasing him catches up with them.
Along the way we meet a variety of characters, ending up on Charlie's father's doorstep and a finish that will have you in stitches.
Ironically, the plot is filled with conflict, while Annie is on her way to a job dealing with conflict resolution.
Speaking of trust, you'll have to trust us for not telling you too much, as other reviewers have.
Believe us – you will laugh.
It is rated R, with profanity, some violence, drug use and one nude scene that will gross you out while at the same time have you in hysterics.


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