Historic Hindsight

Hopelands, Rocky Hill School 4


The story of Hopelands from 1984 to the present is the story of the continuous development of the Rocky Hill School.

Fortunately, Hopelands has been a huge part of Warwick’s history and it has been maintained and is a credit to the staff and administration and is one of Warwick’s most treasured. The lesson we can learn from Hopelands is that the past and the present demonstrate not only our rich heritage but also the value of some of these early estates, which continue to contribute to the city’s culture. Warwick is unique in having a number of these historic homes and land still available to us. Hopelands is one of our treasures.

In tracing its history, we have been very fortunate in having Gerry Unger, who has taught at Rocky Hill for over two decades. His love for the school and keen sense of history has made it possible to see how a historic site has been preserved and enhanced.

In this column, with the help of Gerry and the present head of the school, Dr. Jonathan M. Schoenwald, we hope top bring attention to the contributions of the various families that have made Hopelands their home and also the vital part that Rocky Hill School makes this historic site as alive and significant in 2012 as it has been for over 400 years.


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