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Hotel Transylvania


(Well-Drawn Characters/Dumb Story)

The cartoonists at Sony Animation have drawn some interesting monster characters that are anything but scary.
Too bad the scriptwriters couldn't have helped them out more.
Still, this is a good movie for kids, with good messages about not taking people, or monsters, at face value.
A number of Hollywood stars have leant their voices to the many characters. Unfortunately, we have to constantly listen to the irritating voice of Adam Sandler as Count Dracula.
The Count has built a lavish hotel for monsters...and for his daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez), protecting them from the outside world that is filled with those horrible humans.
An elaborate party has been planned for Mavis' 118th birthday. The only present that the pretty young lady wants is to see the world, but her father stages an elaborate hoax to scare her from leaving the castle.
Enter Jonathan (Andy Samberg), a lost, nerdy hiker who thinks he has entered a costume party.
Dracula tries to unsuccessfully scare him off, but the two young people are drawn together, and you just know where this one is going.
There are some cute sight gags and a few puns that are for the benefit of the parents that have to sit through this one.
It all comes down to the big birthday party and the realization by the monsters that not all humans are bad.
Rated PG with some bathroom humor. The kids at the matinee seemed to enjoy the funny-looking monsters, which really weren't very scary. The 3D adds little to the movie.


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