How about some protection for us?


To the Editor:
I am part of the silent majority. We have been silenced by political correctness (just like they used to communize Russia) imposed on us by a few fascist elitists. We are told that we are racists, sexists, xenophobes and to just shut up or you will be demonized and called names and maybe even fired or sued. It has been insidious how it happened, coming on for years but is finally here.
We are also the same people who stood up for our country throughout our lives against communism, racism, religious intolerance, and terrorism. Many of us stood with the Tea Party, which contrary to lame stream media’s definition, was a movement against big government interfering too much into our lives. But now these same fascist few have decided that illegal immigrants matter more than we do. After all, they know personally a guy from Guatemala who is hardworking. They know better than we do because we are stupid. So they let them take our jobs and in many cases, ruin our lives.
What they really want is cheap labor for their million dollar houses and gardens and more importantly citizens who will vote for them. They now have no viable platform to run on so they need more votes. It doesn’t matter that we are taking the worst of the worst that illegally sneak in and drop their newborns and then bring in tons of relatives because they can. And to quote Lindsay Graham months ago, “They are mostly from H%^&holes” and Trump from sh**holes (do we even know for sure if he said that) but even so, I agree. I love how the media shows themselves vacationing in these countries like Haiti – and it’s beautiful – but never shows the real poor, illiterate, dirty country that it is.
Then we give them health benefits within a short period of time (in RI it’s three days). While citizens like myself went without benefits for ten years, they get free education, licenses, and the right to vote and then, on top of that, should they commit a crime (which overwhelmingly they do); they get the best appointed lawyer for free (no legal aid for them). It really pays to be an illegal in this country, doesn’t it?
What’s wrong with this picture? In the meantime, we citizens wait for protection from these criminals (let’s call them what they are, because they were breaking the law to come in illegally) and we get none. Now we finally voted in a President who wants to do just that and he is being fought tooth and nail and even by his own party. Lindsay Graham is one of his biggest opponents - hypocrite that he is having said the same thing as this President only a few months ago. They want to get rid of our President in any way possible legally or illegally. We elected him primarily for this reason, but they want to promote their agenda and call him all the same names they call us. It’s insulting!
It’s time to not be silent anymore. Demand that your state representatives do their job that we asked them to do. We need to be on the phones and emails to them and tell them that although we don’t have a problem with DACA (like our President doesn’t and they constantly lie about that) because he has already agreed to giving citizenship to all the Dreamers plus 200,000 for a total of $2 million – more than the population of Delaware. Besides that we want vetting, chain migration to stop, the immigration lottery to stop, and that WE WANT A WALL. I met a guy recently from Egypt and was an attorney (who is now a legal citizen) and he sees what’s being done and says we will be sorry if we continue on this road. We need to protect our country now. We want to be protected from all these criminals. It is time to stop being silent or this President will be gone and we will be sorry.

Peggy Porter-Quinlan


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