If we don`t listen, what do we have?


To the Editor:

What comes after democracy when democracy no longer works? We, as a nation, have promoted democracy as the best form of government, where the people vote for whom they want to lead the country. But what happens when after the vote the loosing parties take to the streets with clubs and stone? Is that a democracy? Will that be progress or deterioration of that democracy? Is it progressive or regressive? Does our Constitution no longer matter? Have we amended the First Amendment with a list of who has the right of free speech and who does not have that right?

President Obama and the organizations he started seem to suggest that this is the way to bring about positive change not by your vote but by civil or uncivil demonstrations to silence the opposing views. But this seems to bring about anarchy. Look at Charlottesville, my understanding is that the white supremacy group did what was right and obtains a permit for their rally but opposing groups came out to prevent their right to that free speech. So in our amendment to the First Amendment of our Constitution, we will add the White Supremacy group to the “do not have the right of free speech” list.

I went to a Republican rally one day but I could not hear because of the opposing groups, so we will add Republicans to the “do not have the right of free speech” to that list, as we have seen across the country. So I guess that the “Progressives” and the “Media” are the ones with the right of free speech. Then we add “hate” to our mix of opposing views and we get a shooting of Republicans on the ball field, we get a US Senator calling for the President to be assassinated, and we had other government people speaking the same.

So what happened to “one person one vote?” Is that no longer the rule for our nation? Those who voted for President Trump, don’t they have the right to have their vote counted and honored? If you don’t listen to me and I don’t listen to you then what do we have? A big riot of opposing views and our nations in ruins! The words “God Bless America” raises the question, Why!

Allan Bucklin



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