Ignoring 'true facts' of Trump administration


To the Editor:

Sam Parente (in his letter Sept. 19) ranted about so-called vile acts against his beloved president. Parente said, "How has this madness in our country come about? How has the violence and chaos progressed to this manic level? None of this lunacy would have exploded to this level if good and honorable people had immediately spoken out forcefully and without equivocation, condemning every instance of this depravity. Leaders in the Democrat Party were notably silent when they should have immediately and without equivocation denounced those in their base who were guilty.

"They have chosen to remain silent for the most part and the insanity continues. Hardly conduct one could admire or accept."

What's amazing about this statement is that it more aptly describes the present administration and its Republican backers if you substitute the proper nouns. For example, "good and honorable people [moderate Republicans]" should have spoken out forcefully against racism when Trump defended Nazis.

They should have "condemned the depravity" of a Nazi sympathizer running into a crowd of peaceful demonstrators, killing one woman. "Leaders of the [Republican Party] were notably silent when they should have denounced" such loathsome actions. This is "hardly conduct one could admire and accept."

In that last sentence I would add, "could or should admire."

Mr. Parente seems to have taken his complaints directly from right-wing propaganda rags, so I assume that's why he fails to acknowledge the growing evidence of Trump's collusion with Russia in rigging the election or his henchmen and sons' secret meetings with Russians. It also explains why he also fails to note Trump lost the popular vote, so significant vocal opposition to Trump's actions shouldn't be a total surprise. After all, Republicans spent eight years stone-walling the previous president's agenda - even when he backed proposals Republicans had first introduced, but then switched sides and disavowed.

Parente ignores true facts such as that the present administration has accumulated more scandals in nine months than Obama had in eight years. Trump, despite pledging parsimony, incurs huge amounts of travel expenses; has played golf more often than Obama despite his pledge not to leave Washington while work needed to be done; and continues to enrich himself at government expense through his continued business affairs. And his cabinet members have already racked up more free (to them but not to tax-payers) government travel than the previous administration.

Parente also ignores Trump's worst failing: his tough-guy attitude toward the North Korean dictator. Taunting a nut with a bomb that you've got a bigger bomb just means both of you lose if they go off. Do you, Mr. Parente, condone nuclear war? Don't forget, nuclear fallout isn't confined to national boundaries. A large-scale conflict could and possibly would consume all of us, not just the actual combatants. The president's ill-considered actions leading to that catastrophe marks the true depravity and madness. I think that justifies opposition.

Barry Nordin



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Barry, there is no proof of 'russian collusion'. No one, except the most loonie of left wing loonies believes that the Russians had any impact on the election at all. No state was successfully hacked. Not one vote was changed. Your candidate lost. Stop crying. We have presidential elections every four years. Change your diaper and hang on. You'll make it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Also Barry, you're knowledge of nuclear weapons is zilch. NOKO has yet to show they can put a warhead on a missile. They have both but have not yet proven they can join the two. As a nuclear power, they are not even a distant cousin to us. They could devastate S. Korea but not the USA. I will point out that Trump has gotten China to cut off NOKO, a first for any of the last four presidents that have dealt with the nutcases there.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017